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Playing Fields Walk

Approximate Duration :1-2 hours

Length : 4 km

Difficulty : This is a moderate walk although taken as a casual stroll it can be quite relaxing

General Tips : This is a great walk to do early in the morning with many opportunities to see wildlife as well a number of cave entrances along the way. Please keep in mind that cave exploration at Jenolan is only permitted when in the company of a guide or via a permit organised through the guides office. Caving is otherwise illegal. Armed with a flashlight visitors can try this walk at the height of summer in the evening and may be fortunate to see fireflies.


This walk commences by passing through the Devils Coachhouse. Make your way through the Coachhouse and you will soon enter McKeowns Valley. The earliest visitors to the caves approached Jenolan by coming down this valley.

It isn't long before you reach a point where the path splits. Taking the pathway that crosses the creek leads to Carlotta Arch and No 2 car park. The Playing Fields walk continues straight ahead following the valley. At the point the path splits you can look across the valley and up to see one of the many caves that occur up this valley. This cave is relatively short and goes by the name of Wallaby Cave. It does not connect to the show cave system

As you follow this path up the valley keep in mind that to your left inside the hillside run the Imperial then the Jubilee Caves.

The path winds its way up the valley through steep gorges and occasional cave entrances. At no point though is the creek actually seen as unless it is in flood it is flowing underground.

The valley eventually opens up at the wallaby enclosure. This is a captive breeding program and visitors are cautioned about contacting the electric fence that surrounds the enclosure. If this fence wasn't present the wallabies would soon be victims of foxes.

Beyond this point is the Playing Fields. Buried beneath this flat lies a disused cricket pitch, used for a number fo years by early visitors to the caves. Now though the area is covered in trees. From this point the road to the left of the valley can be followed back to Caves House although this is a very steep walk and most people agree a more enjoyable return is made by retracing one's steps.