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Jenolan River Walk

Approximate Duration :1 to 1.5 hours return

Length : 3 km round trip

Difficulty : This is an easy walk with a minimal number of steps.

General Tips : Do the walk around 9am or 5pm and you may be fortunate to see platypus in the lake or further downstream. Take some water and maybe even a picnic lunch in a backpack as there is a nice picnic spot downstream.


This walk starts at the Eastern end of the Grand Arch. The Blue Lake path is followed until a split is reached. Most parties doing this walk will return the way they came so on the return remember to cross the river at this point to go back up the other side of the Blue Lake. For the time being though, continue downstream.

A short distance further and the waterfall and swimming hole is reached. Many a guide has been known to cool off in this pool on a hot summer afternoon following work and you are welcome to take a swim as well.

The path continues alongside the river giving respite from the crowds back around Caves House and the Grand Arch. The river is crossed now and then giving ample opportunity to take in the natural flora and fauna of the area.

Eventually the valley opens out to reveal a small lake. This lake feeds the current hydro electricity facility. This spot is an excellent location to sit down and have a picnic lunch. Adjacent to the Hydro hut is a trout ladder to assist migrating fish.

From this spot the decision is made to either return the way you have come or continue up a rogh track behind the Hydro hut which leads to a dirt road. This road leads back to the main road which can then be followed back down to the Grand Arch.