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Hi. I'm Rob, and if you've come to this page I am going to assume you need some help with a school assignment. Over the years students who have received questions from their teachers that have left them stumped have contacted me for help. Bit by bit I have added more pages to this website to help you tackle the hardest assignments

The number one rule here is you do assignments to learn and to learn you have to discover things for yourself. That means if you end up emailing me with a question that is already answered here you will get an email that simply tells you to check the website. If on the other hand you can show me that you have found something the website doesn't cover or doesn't describe it well enough I will prepare an answer for you.

Sources of information

I encourage you to review the information I have provided to visitors on the menu to the left of the page. This will be a big help if you get asked questions like "why is Jenolan special" or " what is there at Jenolan"?

You should also use the Schools Page where I set out all the pages specifically designed to help with school assignments.

You should also make good use of Google and other search engines to find out more about caves and karst. Karst is a special term to describe the sort of landscape which Jenolan is part of. The search box below will search the entire website for you.

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