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Taking Photos

So many people have camera with them on tours but only a few take photos worth keeping. The tips below will hopefully get you started.

Be Considerate

Before anything else please bear in mind that most people are on the tour to see the caves. If you keep stopping to take photos it slows up the tour and can actually mean you miss sections in order for the guide to make up lost time. Also most guides don't mind having their photo taken but please ask first. For those people taking video, check with the guide if they mind you using your video light. Also if you intend to put your video on YouTube the polite thing is to ask the guide if they mind appearing on YouTube or their voice being part of the soundtrack.

Be Careful

The caves have steps in them as well as ceilings that may come down low. When you take a photo check where you are standing, Once you've taken your photo look around before moving off lest you knock yourself out or trip. Also we ask visitors to avoid taking photos whilst negotiating steps as well as narrow passages. Some people stop in passageways and hold the rest of the group up behind them. If someone is mildly claustrophobic this can cause them a great deal of distress. The best places to take photos are the platforms where groups gather throughout the tours.

Best time of the year

There is a best time of the year to take photos in the caves believe it or not. This time is in the warmer months from about October to May. The reason is that the caves stay the same temperature (16-17 degrees Celsius) all year round and are very humid. In winter if you take a cold camera in the cave it will rapidly fog up. If you do come in winter try and keep your camera under your jacket to warm it up, bring lens tissues and check the lens regularly whilst underground.

Things to bring and things to leave behind

A small pocket torch can be useful for checking details on your camera but please don't flash it about carelessly and especially if the guide is demonstrating cave darkness. Tripods are not allowed on cave tours although you can use a monopod. Alternatively a small bean bag can be use