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There is so much to do its hard to know where to start so here goes

Cave Tours

This is probably the obvious thing to do but it isn't the only reason for coming to Jenolan. There are 10 show caves where you inspect a cave with formed paths and electric lights. Then there are a number of adventure tours where you can see the caves as they were when first discovered. You'll be wearing overalls and hard hat fitted with a miners lamp. For something a little different there are theme tours which look at specific aspects of the caves. The Ghost Tour is one of the more popular theme tours

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Go on a Bushwalk

Jenolan is one of the oldest nature reserves in the world so take the time to see what we've been preserving. A walk may be as simple as wandering down by the lake. Walking up the valley reveals some incredible scenery and along the way you may just catch up with some of our wildlife. Wombats and kangaroos are plentiful. Even seeing a platypus in the lake isn't that rare.

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Concerts / Performances

A variety of concerts occur at Jenolan throughout the year. Its a unique performance space giving a memorable experience to the audience but also to the performers.

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