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Premenstrual Tension. P. M. T.

Approximately 40% of women do suffer some form of Premenstrual Tension, or ( P. M. T. ) fortunately most of the 40% do not suffer the full spectrum, or the worst symptoms - which are acute depression & psychotic trauma. Biological cycles do control our lives to a much greater extent than most of us would imagine, when they go awry, they can produce negative responses and much disharmony in our body. this is what happens to the most manifest human cycle, the menses, when the changes do not flow harmoniously. a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms can occur.


Some of the most common symptoms of P.M.T. are headaches, backaches, swelling of the ankles, stomach, breasts, fingers,and eyes. many women also suffer from Anti-social feelings, extreme tiredness, irritability, tension, crying spells, insomnia, skin complaints, stomach cramps.


From about 10 days prior to menstruation, blood calcium levels drop slowly but surely, this causes the production of cortisone and aldostrone to increase as a result of biological stress, and salt and water are retained, thus feet, hands and stomach can swell. When menstruation actually starts, blood calcium levels drop even further and all the symptoms are aggravated, though the blood calcium levels do rise again as menstruation proceeds.


There are many natural remedies available to alleviate suffering from P.M.T. some of which are:


Vitamin E. ( Small doses to start) Ginseng, a supplement of zinc, Evening Primrose Oil capsules, all of the vitamin B, including B6, & B12. The vitamin B group is of real significance in the control of P.M.T. especially B6, for it is believed that a deficiency of this vitamin interferes with the metabolism of the dietry amino acid Trypophan, thus producing an imbalance in the neuro-tranmitters in the brain, which in turn can disturb the brain chemistry, causing mental depression.

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Robyn Struk N.D.