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The Next Level Generation Youth Ministry

Contemporary and prophetic performances, seminars, workshops and training

Dance, Drama, Music, Song, Worship, Mime and much more

Melaka: September 25 to October 5

Kuala Lumpur: October 7 to 12

The Next Level Generation is the generation spoken of by the prophet Joel. A generation entering the next level of the vision and power of the Holy Spirit. A generation of spiritual warriors taking the world for Jesus Christ and bringing other youth and Christians up to the next level of intimacy and power with Jesus. They will impact youth and the world in an unprecedented release of salvation and Godís love and power in these end-times.

The ministry will be presenting a series of teachings, seminars, workshops, practical training and performances. The intention of all seminars is to train up youth in the creative arts ministries of their local churches. Opportunities may be given for workshop attendees to join in the performances of the team.

The youth team is composed of members from 10 to 20 years old, trained in the prophetic arts. The CLPM creative arts team has been established for over 10 years and performed in Australia, Asia (Malaysia and Singapore), New Zealand, USA, UK and Israel. They are very capable of ministering and praying for other youth and are willing to see other youth raised up to express the fullness of Jesus Christ in the creative arts.

Pastor and Prophetess Robyn Kassas, Director of Canaan Land Prophetic Ministries founded the Next Level Generation Youth Ministry. For the itinerary and more details of the team go to


Kuala Lumpur: Jeffrey Chew 012 225 9991

Melaka: Subramaniam Namasivayam 06 281 0323

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Ph: 612 9687 2929  Fax: 612 9687 2990
PO Box 3437 Parramatta NSW Australia