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Ps Robyn Kassas
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Canaan Land
Prophetic Journal

Pastor and Senior Prophetic Minister
  • Founder and Director of Canaan Land Prophetic Ministries (CLPM).
  • Senior Minister of SI and Times of Refreshing Christian Centre (TORCC)
  • Ordained Minister, Christian International Ministries, Florida, USA
  • Member of Minister Fellowship International, Victoria, Australia
  • Senior Prophetic Minister of Spearhead International (SI) and CLPM.

Within CLPM Robyn is:

    • Director Canaan Land Creative Arts Ministry
    • Founder and Dean of the Canaan Land Prophetic College
    • Head of Canaan Land Publications
    • Publisher and Senior Editor and writer of Canaan Land Prophetic Journal
    • Leader of prophetic teams of worship and evangelism.

Robyn is the Founder and Director of CLPM, a ministry which seeks the restoration of the headship and authority of Jesus Christ in His Church. Its aim is to equip apostolic and prophetic leaders to the nations who will establish prophetic moves wherever they are sent. She believes very strongly that newer demonstrations of Kingdom ministry will be released from Australia to the nations in the days ahead.

Robyn and her husband Tony have ministered extensively in the prophetic, teaching, training, and presbytery in Australia, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, Israel and New Zealand. This includes:

  • four months ministering in the prophetic, teaching and presbytery at Brownsville, USA;
  • teaching , prophetic ministry and presbytery in Israel.
  • teaching, presbytery and extensive ministry in dance, drama and song in front of thousands in Malaysia;
  • teaching, presbytery and ministering in prophetic song and music in Singapore;
  • teaching, presbytery, music and dance in Kenya;
  • teaching, presbytery, music, the song of the Lord (psalmistry) and dance in New Zealand;

Robyn is being raised up as a key prophetic voice in the nation of Australia. Her heartís desire is to see the restoration of relationship between God and His people - an integral part of the preparation of the Church for the Lordís return. She also desires to play a part in bringing about an outpouring of Godís Spirit upon the nations. Her mandate is to not only activate and release the saints in their callings and giftings, but also to equip and take them to new levels and to train others also to equip and so usher in the return of Jesus Christ. As a senior prophetic minister in this end time move of Godís Spirit, she encourages all believers to take possession of their promises in Christ.

Robyn is currently being used of God to spearhead a prophetic move in the churches both in Australia and abroad, and has been Godís vessel for bringing His word to church leadership and politicians alike. She is also Founder and Dean of the Canaan Land Prophetic College (formerly VOS) based in Parramatta, NSW. The College equips students in prophetic ministry, with integrity, through teachings of the 10M's of Manhood and Ministry. The aim is to release prophetic ministers into the local church for the training and activation of members. Robyn has a desire to work beside local churches and establish extension schools of the College in all nations that would receive them.

Robyn also leads prophetic teams of worship and evangelism, particularly in the creative arts, in the churches and community. This outreach has resulted in salvation to the lost and brought change to the saved. She has a strong burden to see our cities released from walls and strongholds by God's love through the word of the Lord. She has been a speaker in Catholic, AOG, Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, Charismatic, Prophetic and various denominational Churches.

Robyn teaches and ministers in realationship courses of Abiding in Christ. She teaches of the reality of Christ being in us and of us being in Christ. She believes this is the very thing that we the church needs to enter a place of rest which brings freedom from works and religion. This is a true key of having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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