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Tony Kassas is an Associate Minister of Spearhead International and Times of Refreshing Christian Centre (TORCC) in Parramatta, NSW, Australia and Pastoral Overseer of Canaan Land Prophetic Ministries. He is also an Ordained Minister of Christian International Ministries, Florida, USA. Tony is also a member of Ministers Fellowship International, Victoria, Australia.

Pastor Tony is being raised up by God as one of the company of prophetic fathers in the nation of Australia. The Lord has given him a two-fold commission for the body of Christ in this hour:

  1. To bring about the restoration of prophetic ministers in the body of Christ and to ensure that the ministry is established in wisdom, maturity and balance.
  2. To draw pastors and ministers in the local area to prayer so they may receive strategies from the Lord to break strongholds over their cities and win them for Christ.

Tony is an ordained Pastor/Teacher, and has most recently been called with an apostolic anointing to train, equip and overseer the prophetic ministry in the local church. He also serves as a lecturer and Pastoral Overseer of Canaan Land Prophetic College. Tony, with his wife Robyn, has spent an extensive time of ministry in Australia and in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, Israel and New Zealand, as well as time in India, bringing the word of the Lord to hundreds of saints in those nations to deliver, heal and restore. He is also labouring to see the establishment of extension schools of the College in the nations who would receive them.

Tony has been used of God to plant churches, and is active in prophetic presbytery and heads such teams to reveal, confirm and establish ministries in the body of Christ.

Tony’s long term vision is to establish a training school for those called to the five-fold ministry and this inspired the formation of Spearhead International.

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