Aaron Pearce and Damaris King

Aaron Pearce and Damaris King were Shadrach's parents and were therefore my great great great grandparents. They lived in the first half of the eighteen hundreds which was a fairly difficult time in rural England, however it was a period for which records began to be more systematically kept.

Aaron Pearce
Aaron had been born in about 1802 (and probably in the first half of the year on the basis of how he and Damaris are mentioned in the later census records)

Aaron is also referenced in the following records

The term cordwainer means a shoemaker according to the British Reference Collection of Microsoft Bookshelf, as follows
Cordovan cordovan or (archaic) cordwain,
noun goatskin leather, originally from Cordova (Córdoba) in Spain.
cord'wainer or cord'iner noun (archaic) a worker in cordovan or cordwain; a shoemaker.

Damaris King
Damaris was Christened 20th November 1803 in Sydenham, Oxford, England. Her parents are recorded as Richard King and Esther Luttman. (IGI record 1985604)

Damaris was buried 28 July 1870, aged 66, in Sydenham, Oxford, England.

Damaris's head stone in St Mary's Sydenham

Damaris's head stone in St Mary's Sydenham; it reads
In Memory of
Damaris, wife of
Aaron Pearce
Who died July 25th 1870
Aged 66 years

Further mention occurs on six of the Christening records of her children plus the following census information

Children of Aaron and Damaris
Aaron married Damaris on the 22nd of May 1823 in Sydenham, Oxford, England. (see IGI record 2034746) They had the following children.

The following chart shows the baptism records from Buckinghamshire relative to this family.

Buckinghamshire * recorded in Sydenham
County Surname Forename Place Event Son/Dau Father Mother Year Date Occupation
Oxfordshire Pearce Richard Sydenham Baptism Son Aaron Damaris 1824 23-Mar Cordwainer
Oxfordshire Pearce Priscilla Sydenham Baptism Daughter Aaron Damaris 1825 06-Nov Cordwainer
Oxfordshire Pearce Mary Ann Sydenham Baptism Daughter Aaron Damaris 1827 11-Feb Cordwainer
Oxfordshire Pearce Shadrack Sydenham Baptism Son Aaron Damaris 1829 08-Feb Laborer
Oxfordshire Pearce Emma Sydenham Baptism Daughter Aaron Damaris 1836 19-Apr Shoemaker
Oxfordshire Pearce Eden Sydenham Baptism Son Aaron Damaris 1837 02-Jul Shoemaker
Oxfordshire Pearce Ada Sydenham Baptism Daughter Aaron Damaris 1842 31-Mar Shoemaker
Berkshire Pearce Edith Windsor* Baptism Daughter Shadrach Emma 1849 06-May Shoemaker
Oxfordshire Pearce Mary Ann Sydenham Baptism Daughter bastard Emma 1856 27-Apr
Oxfordshire Pearce Edith Maria Sydenham Baptism Daughter Richard Mary 1856 21-Sep Shoemaker
Oxfordshire Pearce Ann Elizabeth Sydenham Baptism Daughter Richard Maria 1859 04-Sep Shoemaker

By 1861 census, Matilda PEARCE, granddaughter, 5, born Sydenham was living with the family
By 1881 census, Aaron PEARCE had Matilda Jane PEARCE, unmarried, 25 yrs, grand daughter born at Sydenham, Oxford and Minnie STEVENS, 13 yrs, granddaughter born at Towersey, Buckingham, both Dressmakers living with him. He was a widower at this time.

Wendy Archer from England (one of Don's contacts) has provided a brief description of Sydenham where the Aaron Pearce family lived as follows

It's still a very small village on the Eastern edge of Oxfordshire, in mainly agricultural land. It's on the old coaching road from London to Oxford, about 20 miles from Oxford.

I have been lucky enough to have visited Thame several times starting with July 2000 and it is a substantial and prosperous town of 10,000 people. If you would like more information then visit the web site at Thame.