Charles Aaron Pearce

As stated in previous chapters, Charles Aaron was the forth of Shadrach's children and I have copies of the following records.

The witnesses on the wedding certificate were Randolph and Elizabeth Pearce. Emma's Parents are given as Francis Amiet a Farmer and Laura Bieskie. Charles Aaron is 22 years old and a shoemaker by profession. Shadrach is now described as a bootmaker.

The photograph below is of Charles Aaron and his children.

Charles Aaron Pearce and family

The people in the photograph are:-
Top left Adeline Matilda, Charles Aaron, Emily
(nee Amiet), and Charles Ernest.
Front left Florence Gwendolyn, Louise Edith Emily,
Vanetta Laura Emma and Winifred Victoria.
The Photo was probably taken about mid to late 1894 
because the last child Irene May (borne March 1895)
is not pictured.

An additional Photograph of which we have a copy is of Emma Amiet by herself

Emma Amiet about 18 Cir 1875

Emma Amiet at about 18 and
wife of Charles Aaron Pearce
probably taken about 1875

Family Movements have been traced as follows

From the Shire of Traralgon Rate Books

Year Ref No. Name and Occupation Properties District
1880 342 Charles Pierce - Bootmaker Owner, House Morwell
1881 378 Charles Pierce - Shoemaker Owner, House Shop & Allotment Morwell
1882 398 Charles Pearce - Bootmaker Owner, Shop & Dwelling Morwell
1883 407 Charles Pearce - Bootmaker Owner, Shop & Dwelling Morwell
1884 453 Charles Pearce - Bootmaker Owner, Shop & Dwelling Morwell
1885 504 Charles Pearce - Bootmaker Owner, Shop & Dwelling Morwell
1886 337 Charles Pearce - Bootmaker Owner, Shop & Dwelling Morwell

Prior to 1880 this area had been under the control of Rosedale Roads Board. No Records survived from this instrumentality.

There is no entry in the above table for 1887 however some of the birth certificates of their children indicate a move to Melbourne and then to Seymour as well as confirming the families residence in or around Morwell;

Year Child Location
1878 Adeline Matilda Traralgon
1880 Charles Ernest Morwell
1882 Emma Laura Venetta Morwell
1885 Edith Emily Louise Morwell
1887 Florence Gwendolyn Carlton
1889 Winifred Victoria Seymour
1895 Irene May Seymour

The reference to Carlton may not indicate a permanent move to Melbourne as the Royal Womans Hospital is in Carlton. The move to Seymour seems logical as quite a few of the Pearce relatives also settled there.

We Know that Charles had moved around quite a lot, for example, on his son Charles Ernest's Marriage certificate in 1904 he was still a bootmaker, but living in Launceston. Only three years later in 1907 he died in Perth WA. His estate contained a quantity of bootmaker's lasts and other similar tools, so I guess he was a bootmaker to the end.

We have a newspaper clipping from Perth which invites tenders for the Stock and Plant of Charles Pearce by the authority of the Curator of Intestate Estates. It reads as follows


In the INTESTATE ESTATE of CHARLES PEARCE, late of Narrogin, Bootmaker, Deceased.
TENDERS are invited, to  be sent up to 10 o'clock  in the forenoon of the
13th inst, to the undersigned, for the PURCHASE of the Stock and Plant of the above mentioned deceased.
Stock of Boots and Shoes £365/13/4 Working  Plant and Sundries £58/19/10
Cash or approved  bills, with  interest added. Full  particulars  obtainable
either  at the Clerk of Court's office, Narrogin, or at the Curator's office, Supreme Court, where the stock-sheets may be inspected.
Each tender must be accompanied by a marked cheque  equal to 10 per cent
of the amount of tender.  Neither the highest or any tender necessarily accepted.
Curator of Intestate Estates