The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 1 – Saturday, 27th September 2003

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The alarm woke us at 6:00am. Packed the car, locked up the house, said goodbye to Salem (our cat) and on our way before 7:00am. Stopped at Macca’s, Sutton’s Forest, for brekkie and fuel.  

Refreshed continued on to Melbourne, stopping briefly for rest stops. At Gundagai we took the opportunity to view Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece [Info] kept in the Visitor Centre. Mr Rusconi was a stonemason specialising in marble. His hobby was to spend 3 hours a night for 30 years grinding and polishing thousands of pieces of marble for a model cathedral. Very impressive, just goes to show what you can do without the distraction of TV. Jessica threatened to throw herself under a bus if we ever took her there again. Lindsey really liked it.

Off we went again until we got to Holbrook for a rest stop. Now maybe we were driving too long and hallucinating because there in the main park of town we thought we saw a full sized Oberon Class submarine. Sure enough it was a submarine and indeed it was the HMAS Otway. Mrs Holbrook donated the bulk of the money to put it in Holbrook in honour of her husband.   [Photo1, Photo2, Info]. There was also a very good War Memorial in the park. 

The next stop was Ettamogah Pub made famous by cartoons in People magazine. It looked just like the drawings, impossibly shaped building complete with the truck on the roof and crashed small plane nearby, plus the laconic signage. Lindsey thought it was great and Sam always wanted to see it. The rain started so off we went. 

Ate lunch north of Albury and then crossed into Victoria. We were worried about the Fruit Fly Nazis, as Darani had warned that you are not allowed to take fruit into Victoria on pain of death. We crossed the state line into Wodonga looking desperately to offload the small apple and slightly bruised banana in our possession. Finding the “Fruit Disposal Bins” took a load of our minds, as we would not want to be responsible for the destruction of Victoria’s economy. 

Finally arrived at our bed for the night, a motel in Seymour. Left the kids in front of the Foxtel while Mum and Dad went to the local Safeway for some supplies and tea. Arrived back to find the girls petrified with fear, they were watching “Arachnophobia”. Sam didn’t make things any better warning them to keep an eye out for the famous Seymour Spider (no such thing). We were lucky too as there was the Easts/Bulldogs semi-final on the sports channel. 

Off to bed after a good day of driving on fairly good roads though there are still too many undivided roads in NSW and Albury is not bypassed. Victoria’s roads are great, dead straight and flat. The car performed well and we did not feel overly tired.


Day 2

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