The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 15 – Saturday, 11th October  2003

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We were woken by a very nice lady voice on the intercom that it was 6am and we would soon be docking at Melbourne. Looking out of the porthole we saw Melbourne on the horizon. We dressed and packed and waited for instructions, in the lounge to go to the car. 

Disembarked at Port Melbourne by 7:30am and soon found ourselves on the Westgate freeway following the signs for the Hume Hwy and before we knew it we were in outer suburban Melbourne. The freeway system is great, as it has been built before the population moves in. It’s when you visit Melbourne you then realise how big Sydney really is. 

Had breakfast at Macca’s and then Sam drove to Albury where we filled up and rested. On the freeways heading north we could see highway patrol everywhere, but some people think they are above the law, as we were passed by a blue Ford doing at least 150klm/hr. the cops got him, good on them. We just set our cruise control and let the car do the driving (almost). Darani then drove from Albury to Gundagai stopping for lunch and rest. We saw lots of canola on the way

Sam then drove to Goulburn for a refuel and rest. We rang our good friends the DeBoers at Tahmoor to invite ourselves over for a cuppa and beer. No problems, we got there by 4:50pm. We stayed for an hour or so and then Darani drove the rest of the way home. Grumpy

Salem, our cat was waiting for us and after saying hello we unpacked the car so mum could go and buy some much needed supplies. The girls and Sam worked well to unpack and clean up the bulk of it. Sam rang his dad to thank him for looking after the house and animals. 

The rest of the night was spent, after tea, reading snail mail while the girls desperately caught up with their emails. Also the photos from our digital camera were uploaded to the PC, all 350 of them. 

Definitely the best holiday we have ever had. We all agree that we will all try to get there again someday.


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