The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 3 – Monday, 29th September 2003

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After a fitful sleep the PA woke everyone with the wonderful news that Tasmania is only an hour away. We packed up and excitedly rushed outside to see the sunrise and dry land. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3] Arrived at Devonport at 7:30am, after an efficient disembarkation, the whole process impressed us greatly. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3

The first thing we did was to go to the TT Line office to upgrade to a cabin. Unfortunately none were available but we were put on a waiting list. Now let’s be clear on this if you decide to come to Tassie via sea do not, repeat do not attempt a cruise seat crossing at night. Pay the extra money; it will be well worth getting a bed and ensuite. And you will awake refreshed ready to make the most of your day. 

Breakfast at Macca’s, then drove to Sheffield. This town is famous for the murals painted on each building representing activities from past times, a very neat town. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6] Apparently the town hosts a Daffodil Festival around this time and there were Daffodils all around the place. The wind was freezing and we could see snow on Gog Range to the south. Bought some souvenirs and then headed south. 

The next stop was Marakoopa Caves to view the stalactite and stalagmite formations formed over millions of years. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6] The tour guide led us along very well constructed concrete paths and stairways (must have been built by Italians) describing the history of the formations and controlling the lighting. When the lights were turned on there were gasps of awe from the tour party as the images are truly beautiful. The highlight was when the lights were turned off in a particular section and we looked up to see thousands of glow-worms, it looked just like a clear night in the country. We were not allowed to take photos of the glow-worms. [Pamphlet]  

We had a quick lunch from the back of the car and then headed east towards Launceston. We stopped briefly at a town called Mole Creek and bought some souvenirs. By this stage we were exhausted; Jessica and Lindsey are crashed out in the back seat, so we drove to our home for the next four nights, Charlton Lodge in Norwood. 

Now with a name like that you imagine a stately manor but what we saw was an old brick house with “Charlton Lodge” tacked on the side. But looks are deceiving, inside is a two storey unit kept beautifully clean and the owner, Maureen, a very nice lady made sure we had almost everything we would need. 

Left the girls there, so Darani and Sam could buy supplies from the local Woolworth at Kings Meadow. Dinner was BBQ chicken washed down with red wine for the grown-ups and soft drinks for the kids. Finally sleep was irresistible and we all succumbed to it.


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