The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 4 – Tuesday, 30th September 2003

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We dragged our almost refreshed bodies out of bed, had brekkie, washed some clothes then off to adventure. Darani drove north towards the Tamar River and took the West Tamar Hwy to explore the western side of the river. 

The views of the river are spectacular and the surrounding country is lush and green. One thing we noticed were the dead possums on the road at regular intervals; there must be thousands around at night. 

We took a turn off towards a place called Grindelwald, a Swiss style resort, very clean and perfect, as you would find in Switzerland. There is a nine-hole golf course, 18-hole putt-putt, a lake and a small town square plus the hotel. Near the lake the girls found some black swans and chicks, very cute. We bought cakes for the girls and some souvenirs. 

Back to the main road and drove onto Beaconsfield to look at the Grubb Shaft Gold & Heritage Museum. The old mine ruins and workshops are next to a new working mine. [Info] On display were several examples of steam engines and working mining equipment. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7]  Also on display are several everyday articles from bygone times. Including an apple grader and fruit delivery truck. The girls had lots of fun with the working telephone exchange panel watching the internal relays operating when they dialled each other. There was also a ceramic mural outside and a miners hut in the park. 

Before we went into the museum we walked past a media scrum around a small monument with a running water tap. Apparently today is the 50th anniversary of fluoridation of water to prevent dental decay and Beaconsfield was the first town in Australia to do it. [Photo, Info] 

A spot of lunch then off to Beauty Point for the Seahorse Farm, an aquaculture venture breeding seahorses for the pet and Asian markets. The male seahorse carries the eggs that the female lays in him, he fertilises them and looks after them until they hatch. The hatchlings are on their own then, so the farm workers scoop them up, lest they become food for the others and are deposited into nursery tanks. The seahorses are fed very small shrimp like creatures commonly known as sea monkeys. [Pamphlet

We were also shown aquarium tanks with sea dragons and other varieties of sea horse plus other marine life but we were not allowed to take photos. The flash scares the horses and they may bolt away. Finally we saw the saddlery where the tiny saddles and bridals are made (joking).  

Anyway drove back down the highway and crossed over the Tamar River using the Batman Bridge to the East Tamar Hwy and headed north to the Low Head Lighthouse. Very spectacular views of the river mouth and out to sea. [Pamphlet]

 Pointed the car south driving through George Town and then onto the Strawberry Farm & Fruit Wine Centre at Hillwood.  Unfortunately the strawberries were not ready but we tried yummy strawberry wine, raspberry vinegar and a variety of cheeses, bought some to have later. We had a photo next to a Waratah bush.

By this stage we are all tired so back home to Charlton Lodge. But would you believe we got stuck in peak hour traffic in Launceston!


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