The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 5 – Wednesday, 1st October  2003

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We explored the Northeast region today, first stopping at Lilydale, famous for its painted street poles. Every pole is has some kind of historical event or a depiction of everyday life. It is a community arts project. There was a ceramic mural, similar to one we saw in Beaconsfield, on the community hall.  

Just on the outskirt of Lilydale is the W.A.G Walker Rhododendron Sanctuary, the largest shrubs we have seen, unfortunately not quite in flower yet but still worth seeing for the sheer size. The surrounding fields are filled with Daffodils and the kids went mad running through them. There were also some holly bushes. The Walker Family donated the sanctuary to the Tasmanian people in 1982. 

Just north of Lilydale are Lilydale Falls, a feast for the eyes. Two falls make up this small piece of paradise, very peaceful and fresh. [Photo1, Photo2

Continuing on we arrived a Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. However it is the wrong time of year for the flowers but there are fields as far as the eye can see. It would be truly a sight in summer; Darani and Sam will come back some day. 

Continuing on our journey we came to the main town in this region, Scotsdale. We felt a little hungry and thirsty, when we stumbled on the Cottage Bakery. For sale there were wonderful pies, cakes, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks. Just what the doctor ordered. We saw another ceramic mural similar to the others; obviously the artist was a busy boy. [Photo, Info

Leaving Scotsdale drove north to Bridport a seaside village. A perfect spot for a sit down do nothing holiday. A bit chilly at this time of year but December to March it would be great. Heading back to Scotsdale took a wrong turn and lost 38klms through some of the flattest and most boring country we have seen so far. 

Just outside Scotsdale we visited the Tasmania Forestry Eco Centre. [Photo1, Photo2] A very impressive building that not only is a tourist centre but a district office as well. The main industry we have seen is logging and it seems we see one log truck every ten minutes, either full or empty, and because they are constantly on the move it is very hard to get a photo. 

Drove back home via the Tasman Hwy, stopping at Sideling Range Lookout.  Absolutely spectacular views and believe it or not you can see Flinders Island from here. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast so the photos do not do the scenes justice. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4] This section of highway is very twisty but the views a stunning. We even saw a giant’s hand with an inscription on it. 

Finished the day back home to freshen up for dinner at the local RSL, Anzac House, in Wellington St. It looked the way clubs looked 25 plus years ago. We ate in their Wok & Grill restaurant. Excellent food.


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