The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 7 – Friday, 3rd October  2003

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We bade farewell to Charlton Lodge and our wonderful host Maureen Luck. Just the most hospitable place we have ever stayed at. 

First stop on our way to Hobart was Campbell Town, [Info] named by Gov. Lachlan Macquarie. We had some fun in the courthouse museum with the notorious Jessica being cross-examined by the learned Darani presided over by Judge Lindsey. [Photo] Walked around the town and visited the local historic church. In the park was a sample of a log cut down over 100yrs ago, then a quick play in the park on the seesaw before we moved on. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3

Heading east towards the Freycinet Peninsula we came upon Bicheno on the coast, a lovely seaside spot. [Photo1, Photo2] A sign saying, “Come see Nemo” led us to a small aquarium run by a fellow from Manly. There were seahorses, clownfish, puffer fish, and cuttlefish plus an indoor rock pool with hermit crabs and starfish. We were allowed to take photos of the seahorses [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3] here whereas the Seahorse Farm would not allow it. 

Lunch was eaten near the Bicheno Blowhole, Sam enjoyed a homemade Tasmanian Scallop pie, and the others said Yuk! We didn’t spend too much time there, as the wind was icy cold. The weather so far has been absolutely fantastic. A bit chilly at times but the days are mainly sunny with no rain to speak of. 

Leaving Bicheno we followed the coast road, Tasman Hwy, south. Just before a place called Cranbrook stopped at a lookout and saw amazing view of Great Oyster Bay, an important fish breeding area. 

Swansea was next stop, another pristine seaside town actually on the shores of Great Oyster Bay. [Photo1, Photo2] The water looked like a tropical blue but the chilly wind soon dispelled any connection to the tropics. Darani spotted a curious plant with long purple flowers

Not far south of Swansea we had a short stop at Spiky Bridge built by convict labour in about 1840. Called Spiky Bridge because of the slim rocks set upright along both sides. [Photo1, Photo2

The final stop before Hobart was Triabunna to buy some crafts. Most of the trip we were treated to some lovely ocean and river views; Tasmania is truly blessed with a huge variety of vistas to gladden the soul. What we saw a lot of though were log trucks probably every ten minutes taking large logs to what looked like a huge pile of wood chip to the East. 

Arrived at Hobart via Sorrell and got stuck in peak hour traffic, just like home. The freeway was working fairly well and before long we arrived at Elwick Cabin Park at Glenorchy for the next five nights. After unpacking, went to Woolworths to buy food and supplies, including scallops which Sam cooked on the site BBQ, the others had lamb chops.


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