The Sal's Tassie Adventure

Day 8 – Saturday, 4th October  2003

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Today’s mission was to attack Salamanca Markets [Photo1, Photo2] at Battery Point to buy crafts and gifts. There were stalls selling fruit & veg, woodworks, art, foods of all kinds, jewellery, bric-a-brac etc, buskers and even a Scottish Pipe Band. By lunchtime you could hardly move. We had some lunch and then left to scale the heights of Mt. Wellington. 

We drove up a twisty steep road but in very good condition. You could feel the cold coming into the car as we neared the top. There are plenty of car parking up there, which is just as well as there was a steady stream of cars full of people arriving to take in the breathtaking views. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5, Photo6, Photo7, Photo8] You could see the Derwent River, all of Hobart, the harbour and way out to sea, as the height of Mt. Wellington is 1270m, perfect for a TV tower

The best part was the snow all around us. The kids were thrilled and it wasn’t long before mum and dad became easy targets for well-aimed snowballs. The kids got as good as they gave. They mucked around a bit and of course made a small snowman. [Photo1, Photo2, Photo3

Back down to Hobart to Cascade Brewery [Photo1, Photo2] but it wasn’t opened for tours. Took some photos and we will do the tour next time we visit Tasmania. We then went to Hobart CBD for the usual bit of window-shopping. As we were leaving almost got stuck in a street protest by local environmentalist about excessive logging of forests. With the number of log trucks we have seen they may have a point. 

By this time it was late afternoon so mum and dad dropped the girls off at the cabin, then off to Woolworths for dinner and snacks for tomorrow nights NRL Grand Final. We had to put the clocks forward one hour for daylight saving, three weeks earlier than the mainland. Tasmania was the first state to use daylight saving in 1967.


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