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Aikido is a martial art, yet the ultimate goal of Aikido is a peaceful resolution to conflicts. Aikido achieves this goal by employing techniques that enable one to control the aggression of an attacker in such a way as to protect the attacker as well as oneself.

The most obviously visible goal of Aikido is self-defense. Students will be offered training in self-defense techniques - techniques that will allow them to safely control an attacker who is bigger and stronger. They will be challenged to learn how to roll and fall with safety and grace. The difference between raw strength and power will be made evident in many ways.

One less visible aspect of Aikido involves techniques to manage and control aggression - both aggression externally directed toward you as well as that generated within. Students in the class will be taught how to use an attacker's energy to allow them to control an attack, and this serves as a not-so-subtle metaphor for how to manage other forms of attack. They also learn, physically, the most basic of lessons - in the Aikido dojo, whoever attacks, ends up on the mat.

Additionally, learning Aikido involves teaching your body to do uncommon things. To become familiar with Aikido requires considerable practice, but the rewards for that practice are physically apparent - our students learn how to do things that were previously quite impossible for them. The rewards for continuing practice become clear, which can make it more likely that the student will find it possible to pursue other challenging goals that require ongoing practice.

Aikido practice continues to pay dividends in later life, and is one of the few martial arts where you actually get better as you get older.

New for Winter 2015

Clearview Ki Society presents:

Aikido for Women.

Our first introductory course exclusively for women will commence on July 2nd 2015. This is a 6 week course every Thursday night for women of all ages and level of fitness. If you are looking to get started in the martial arts but have been a liitle unsure about training in a mixed environment, then this class is for you.

Please download the course flyer here.

A couple of quick points.

1. Comfortable clothing is all that is required. It is not necessary to purchase a Gi (Training Uniform) although you may find that once you become more confident with your Aikido that you would like to. Please talk to your instructor if you have any questions about this.

2. If you would like to bring your friends along to train with you, you are more than welcome to do so. This makes class most enjoyable and you also can discuss traing concepts outside of class.

Contact our Instructors: Adrian Xavier 0466208355 or Jeff Murray 0417762195 to discuss and book your place today.

Promotions and Testing

Student gradings are held on a regular basis at the dojo. At the discretion of the Chief Instructor, sutdents will be notified of their eligibility to attempt their next grading.