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Aiki Kids Program

Young children benefit from practicing Aikido. Children are avid learners of new material. They enjoy challenging their young bodies and minds. They take special pride in mastering new skills. Children also require regular exercise to stay fit both physically and mentally.

Keeping this in mind, we have the following goals with the children:

1) Develop and expand physical and mental awareness.
2) Improve flexibility and coordination.
3) Enrich interpersonal skills.
4) Enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.
5) Provide overall body conditioning.

Based on Aikido principles of the circle, triangle and square, exercises and games work to coordinate a child's body, mind and spirit. Through the principles of Aikido, children learn the power of movement. 

What is covered in the program?

Instruction is initially centered around physical exercises designed to improve motor skills and physical coordination. We teach the children how to fall without hurting themselves. After the students are comfortable with falling, we introduce the basic martial arts principles of movement. In conjunction with these principles of movement, we instruct them in the philosophy of Aikido. Cooperation and teamwork are stressed as the more accomplished children assist the newer students in developing their skills, thus learning a sense of internalized self-discipline. 

Promotions and Testing

Testing opportunities are offered every two to three months.  You and your child will be notified ahead of time when your child will test.  Testing is an opportunity for the child to demonstrate his/her understanding of Aikido to the instructors and to their parents.  Children are promoted at the time of testing and receive a colored belt, reflecting their rank.