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Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Aikido and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

All our instructors hold current Positive Notice blue cards for Child Related Employment issued by the Commission of Children and Young People and Child Guardian

Through extensive testing and certification, our staff have attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students. Here are a few of Clearview Ki Society's instructors and members, starting with:

Xavier Sensei Adrian Xavier  (Chief instructor, Clearview Ki Society)

Adrian became involved with Ki-Aikido in 1997 and was internationally accredited as an instructor by the Ki no Kenkyukai in 2001. He was awarded the rank of Sandan in 2011 by the Ki Society HQ (Japan), Chief Instructor, Kataoka Sensei at the Australian national seminar, and Chuden in Ki development in 2016 by Kashiwaya Sensei of the Ki no Kenkyukai, (Japan) during his international visit to Australia.




Murray Sensei Jeff Murray  (Assistant instructor)

Jeff assists with the beginners classes at the dojo.

Jeff was awarded the rank of Shodan in 2011 by Kataoka Sensei of the Ki no Kenkyukai, (Japan) during his international seminar visit.



Hopkins Sensei Lisa Hopkins  (Assistant instructor)
Lisa was drawn to aikido with its promise of an alternative to aggression. What she found was an art which combined her love of dancing and flowing movement with a method for understanding and managing emotions and relationships. More importantly, she also found that it is an art of happiness. It is this philosophy that she aims to share with her students. Lisa started training in aikido in 1998 and has trained at a number of different dojos obtaining shodan in 2011. She is married and has two beautiful children.

For more information about the Clearview Ki Society staff or training programs, please contact us on 0417 762 195 or by clicking here