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Voyager Image Display

An easy to use shareware Windows 95/98/NT/2000 based image processing program that can read and enhance images from various NASA spacecraft.

Raw and processed images on hundreds of CDROMs from the various spacecraft sent to image the planets of the solar system are available from NASA. The raw images are as received from the spacecaraft with no additional processing applied. The images require calibration, are usually of poor contrast and can have randon noise, missing pixels, black lines, reseau marks and other aberrations that have to be processed out to provide a high quality image. Processed images have been calibrated, aberrations removed and color images prealigned but still require some contrast stretching and overlaying of the individual red, green and blue images to form a color image. The majority of images are in proprietory NASA file formats.

The Voyager Image Display program, as its name implies, was orginally written to read and process the images sent back by the two Voyager spacecraft which imaged the outer planets. The program has since been extended to process other NASA file formats and can now process the majority of image CD ROMs supplied by NASA.