Hey - the new book about Tracey Binns - that's me - is out!

This is a really cool story about our school camp. Well, the camp wasn't that cool. In fact, it was a nightmare. Our PE teacher, Mr Gunning, made us hike about 10,000 kilometres, up mountains and down cliffs. The disaster was all his fault, that's what I think.

It got this review in the Australian Bookseller and Publisher and FIVE stars!

Tracey Binns is Lost is Sherryl Clark’s second, and equally excellent, middle reader about sixth grader Tracey Binns. Tracey narrates the trials and tribulations of home and school with a clear-eyed perception that is very funny, if somewhat tart. While not exactly cynical, her view of the world is utterly unsentimental and her sense of humour is as dry as the Sahara Desert. I love it. In this book, the teachers are on a health and fitness kick and the students are suffering. The meat pies have disappeared from the canteen and Mr Gunning, PE teacher from hell, has returned to school and (horrors) is in charge of this year’s grade six school camp. Can things possibly get worse? Tracey Binns is Lost packs a lot into its 120 pages. It is funny and dramatically suspenseful. It is about the bullying that goes on between adults, between teachers and students and between children. It is about learning to work together and about the unexciting courage of dogged determination. It’s even about the unexpected benefits of being able to do five laps of the school playing field. And best of all, it’s a terrific story about characters with nuanced personalities. For ages nine and up.

tracey binns is lost

And this is the first book about me. I don't really get into that much trouble - honestly, I don't. But when you go to school with people like Justin Zit-face, well, things just happen...

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