ABOUT ME (if you want to know stuff)

I thought this might be a good idea, but now I'm not sure what to tell you.

I'm twelve, and I'm in Grade Six. I live in a big house with my mum and dad - it's a very fancy, new house with lots of shiny stuff in it that I don't like very much. I like Mrs Sefton's house better. She lives just down the street from me and she has two really cool cats.

I don't like school either. I get into lots of trouble for not doing my homework and being funny in class.

I didn't used to have any friends but then Isabella started at our school and we became best friends. That was really good. She is pretty amazing - I actually think she has secret powers but I wouldn't say that to anyone. She always seems to know what I'm thinking, and I can't work out how she does it.

I'll put some more stuff here when I think of something interesting you might want to know.

Or you could ask me questions! That'd be fun. You can email me anytime, except I can only answer when I've done jobs for Mum and tidied my room.