tracey binns is lostThere are two books about me now! Sherryl was writing this story about my terrible school camp disaster, and now she's finished it (at last!).

It's coming out in May - that's now. Yippee!

You haven't heard about Mr Gunning before. He's the PE teacher at our school, and he's been away having his knee fixed.

But when he came back, he was even worse than before. He's thinks us kids are all wusses, and he made us go on this survival camp in the bush.

I was really hoping to see a wombat, but mostly what I got to see was Justin Zit-face's rear end (I'm not allowed to say the b- word here, Mum said) on the track ahead of me.

Then there was this big disaster and it was really scary. You'll have to read about it!

I'm into online shopping - my book is in the Fishpond here! Tracey Binns is Lost






The first book came out last year, and it's cool when people read it and tell me they liked it (and I'm glad no one likes Justin Zit-face). If you like the cool cover on my book, check out the pictures inside - all done by Alexis Apfelbaum (I borrowed some bits for my website!). And Julia, Laura, Karl and Maree Russell - thanks all of you!

Now, I thought reviews were what we did in school - you know, read a book, tell the class about it - one more dumb thing for homework. (I love the reading but why do we have to make it into work?)Anyway, real reviews are people in the newspapers and other places talking about your booktracey binns is trouble (MY book) and saying what they think about it. And some of them have said some really cool stuff:

Tracey is a fantastic character: sassy, smart, but never a smarty-pants. You'll be cheering for her to the very end. (Sunday Age)
A nerd-power tribute. (Herald Sun)
A wonderful storyline, all about friendship. (Launceston Examiner)

Am I a nerd? Better not be! Nerds are too well-behaved (but that one made my mum laugh). Stay tuneTracey Binns CD coverd for more.


If you like listening to stories (as well as reading them),
my first book is now out as a CD! The story is read by
Annie Maynard and I can't wait to get my copy.
You can buy it from the ABC shop, if you want to.