How to get to Abadiania?


You have to fly to the capitol of Brasil, Brasilia. From Brasilia you have to take taxi to Abadiania, 110 km away. Casa de Dom Inacio has own taxis which will pick you up from the airport at Brasilia and take You to Abadiania. The price from the airport to the Casa de Dom Inacio is 130 Reais (approximately 45 US$). You notify about Your expected arrival any of the Casa de Dom Inacio taxi drivers and they will wait for You at the airport.  I listed most of the drivers below. You can take ordinary airport taxi, but they are much more expensive.


If You on a tight budget You can take a bus. Bus 102 or 102.1 departs just from the exit from Brasilia Arport, every 15 minures. For 1.60 reais it will take you to the last stop, Rodoviaria ( Central bus station ) in the middle of Brasilia. From there You take a bus to Abadiania. All buses to Anapolis and Goiania will stop in Abadiania, depart from Brasilia approximately every 20 minutes.


Taxi drivers

They will pick you up from airport, take to your hotel,  Casa de Dom Inacio or anywhere. They will also help if You have language problems. They have set prices and can not charge you more. From the airport 130 reais; to Anapolis and back 50 reais; to Goiania 100 reais. Waiting time 5 reais an hour.



Mob: +55(62)92610761


Really good English



Mob: +55(62)99572875

Tel: +55(62)3431331

Speaks fair english


Luciano and Romuo

Mob: +55(62)99742668

Tel: +55(62)3432239

Luciano speaks english


Mob: +55(62)99744039

Tel: +55(62)3431469





Mob: +55(62)96081783




Ricardo and Rodrigo


Mob: +55(62)96291907






Mob: +55(62)99744905