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David Smart

David has been in the computer industry for more than 35 years, progressing from programming to management and senior technical roles.  An expert programmer, he has remained current in object-oriented languages such as C++, PowerBuilder, Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic, and is equally comfortable working on real-time systems (such as Defence simulators) and commercial on-line client/server systems.  He is also fluent in many other computer languages (old and new) and is very quickly productive on systems written in Assembler or obscure legacy languages.

He is a very experienced Solutions Architect and Systems Analyst, and an accomplished proposal writer, estimator and scheduler for large and small systems.  His experience covers many business areas - including Defence, telecommunications, radio communications, computer communications, public utilities, insurance and transport - and he has wide-ranging general knowledge, allowing him to work in new industry areas with minimum familiarisation.

David is an expert user of all MS Office products, with significant experience in programming Visual Basic for Applications code to provide additional functionality behind the products - particularly MS Word and MS Access.  He is also expert with the definition and use of MS Word styles for providing consistent formatting across documents, and provides training to office staff in the use of the MS Office products.

Combining wide business experience and extensive experience with applications, he provides expert consulting for many office products, including accounting packages such as Quicken/QuickBooks and payroll packages such as Genius.  This includes problem solution and recovery, migration to new Charts of Accounts, product upgrades, etc.

In his spare time, David is an amateur woodwind, brass and keyboard musician and conductor.  He is currently Principal Horn and Assistant Musical Director of Manly Band.  He is also a volunteer member of the Warringah Pittwater district of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Graeme Smart

Graeme is a fourth-year student at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he is studying Telecommunications Engineering and Computing.  Very experienced with Ethernet and computer installation and configuration, he maintains SmartWare Consulting's own computer network and Internet connections, as well as the personal installations of several of his friends.  He also contributed significantly to Manly High School's computer networks, both while at school and since Year 12.  He is very experienced with the set-up of servers and proxies and the creation of web sites.

In his spare time, Graeme is a sound and lighting specialist - for both live shows and discos.  He is a volunteer member of the Beacon Hill Rural Fire Brigade, and is also an amateur brass, woodwind, bass guitar and keyboard musician.

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