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fanfiction by sqeakyclean

The pieces of writing found on the following pages are based on characters and situations that do not belong to the writer.

These include those of the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, the Dragonlance books by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, and the Belgariad series by David and Leigh Eddings. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

There is also fiction about real people of the entertainment industry. They are their own people, and nothing I write has any bearing on the realities of their lives.

fiction arranged by date written, latest to earliest

Travelling (G; Raistlin/Tanis)
Moving around and getting nowhere.

Public (PG; Dom/Elijah)
There's too many cameras for a private moment, but Dom thinks it shouldn't matter.

Mirror (G; Justin, Lynn)
Justin asks a favour of his mother.
pop; for the Boyband Drabbles LJ community.

Cure (G; Fred/Ron)
Brother knows best.
Harry Potter; for Week of Weasleycest 2004.

Caught (PG; Justin/Lance)
Spreading the love, amongst other things.
pop; for the Boyband Drabbles LJ community.

Watch (G; Britney/Wade)
Britney learns by sight.

Storm (PG; Joey/Justin)
Where do your loyalties lie?
pop; for the Boyband Drabbles LJ community.

Leather (G; Chris/Lance)
JC makes a stand for vegetarianism.
pop; for the Boyband Drabbles LJ community.

Play (G; Chris/JC)
Just a game.

Flame (PG; Kitiara, Laurana, Tanis)
Fire in her heart for what neither of them can have, locked in sheltered love.

Epiphany (PG-13; Torak/Zedar, Beldin)
May the best man win, just desserts for all.
Eddings Belgariad-verse

Made (PG-13; Lance/Britney)
Carefully constructed so the world cannot see.

Salvation (PG)
The hope of the world to come.
Eddings Belgariad-verse. Warning: story contains implied chanslash.

What I See (PG; Raistlin/Tanis)
Raistlin's eyes see more than time, but a fellow outcast.

Smoke (PG; Snape/Lupin)
A first kiss before moonlight, and it's romance gone wrong.
Harry Potter; for The First Kiss Project.

Duxes and Dunces (G; Percy/Ron)
Percy and Ron and a brotherly gesture.
Harry Potter; for Week of Weasleycest 2003.

Blame (PG-13; Marcus/Oliver)
Angst and violence and unhappy breakups.
Harry Potter