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Harry Potter

The pieces of writing found on the following pages are based on characters and situations from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, and do not belong to the writer. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

fiction arranged by date written, latest to earliest

Home (G; Hermione)
Lovely and amazing.

Moment (G; Harry/Snape)
The end of war is just a moment.

Sense (G; Ron/Hermione)
Sixth year, and Hermione returns from holidays with a difference that Ron just can't quite figure out.

Reason (R; Fred/Harry, Fred/George)
The twins move out of the Burrow and into a flat above their joke shop, and Fred copes with several new experiences.
warning: story contains incest. For the A Family Affair fuh-q-fest.

Had Our Dreams (G; Hermione, Harry, Ron)
It's not for them to get the girl, and Ron's used to it in a way Harry has yet to understand.

Black Cherry (R; Sirius/Bellatrix)
The influence of Bella on Sirius Black, intended and unintended.
warning: story contains incest

Flew (R; Snape/Draco)
Everybody has a game, a part to play.
warning: story contains non-consensual elements

May You One Day (G; Harry/Ron)
A time for everything.

Teamwork (PG; Draco/Terry)
The horrors of groupwork.

Consider Them Strong (R; Lucius/Draco)
Lucius is a man of lessons.
warning: story contains incest

Quietly (the In My Head mix) (G; Hermione, Ron, Harry)
What Ron sees and what really is, and in the background runs the quiet discomfort of hidden emotion.
A remix of Amatia's Quietly, for the Rescribo! challenge.

Heart's Been Divided (R; George/Ron, Fred/George)
Ron thinks he hears that he twins want different things for the first time in their lives.
warning: story contains incest

Stopgap (R; Lucius/Narcissa)
stopgap (n) : something contrived to meet an urgent need.
definition from WordNet 1.7

Vicarious (R; Harry, Hermione, Draco)
A boy and his invisibility cloak, late at night in Hogwarts.

De Novo (R; Percy-centric, various pairings)
The fate of Percy, to have lots of sex and no lasting relationships.
Summary thanks to Marvolo. Warning: story contains incest.

Sixteen (PG-13; Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione)
Ginny gets a belated present, because Weasleys never ask for too much.
[writer's commentary - ON]

Twin (PG; Ron/Ginny)
A brother in a wig in the attic, and you don't know what you're attracted to more.
Warning: story contains incest.

Green (G; Harry/Ron)
After all these years and you're still green.

Homework (G; Ron/Hermione)
All Ron wants is to hold hands. He thinks.

Spiral Upwards and Down (G)
Snape watches out of a duty of care, and Harry has more to blame him for than he knows already.

Ghost and Girl (PG-13; Tom/Ginny)
When all you've ever wanted is to be loved, it's too easy to become a victim of misplaced trust.

Alone (NC-17; Weasley twins/Draco)
A Weasley twin has a fascination, and what one wants the other wants also. And they've set their on something nasty.
Warning: story contains non-consensual elements.

In Honour of Victors (R)
Draco's a cheat, and disdains Harry's sense of honour. But give a hot-headed teenage boy an insult, and beware the consequences.

Beast in You (R; Snape/Lupin)
One bears salvation and the other release.

Remembrall (G)
Everything we do in life becomes a memory. Some are lucky to forget, but others, like Harry, remember all too well.

Static (PG-13; Harry/Draco)
Broken and mute, Draco is an unlikely victim of the war against Voldemort. Which side was he truly on? Harry thinks he needs to know, but the answers aren't easy to find.

Ligature (NC-17; twincest)
The ties that bind, and the acts that break. Seen as one entity; and sometimes you can fall prey to yourself.
Warning: story contains non-consensual elements.