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[July 06]

Um. I obviously don't update this site as often as I should, heh. Here be 1.5 years of fic:

3 Harry Potter fics -

2 Pop fics -

  • Artifice (G; JC)
    "Something filled up my heart with nothing / Someone told me not to cry / But now that Iím older my heart is colder / And I can see that itís a lie." Wake Up, Arcade Fire
  • Company (PG-13; JC/Chris)
    JC helps Chris to recuperate, as patiently as a man in Chris' extended company can be.

3 Other fics -

1 Drabble -


[November 04]

2 Pop fics:

[October 04]

3 Harry Potter fics:

2 Pop fics:

2 Drabbles:


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