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fanfiction by sqeakyclean

The pieces of writing found on the following pages are based on characters and situations that do not belong to the writer, and real people of the entertainment industry. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Celebrities are their own people, and nothing I write has any bearing on the realities of their lives.

fiction arranged by date written, latest to earliest

According to Light and Gravity (PG; MaryAnne/Dawn)
Best friends forever? A lot can change in a year apart.
Babysitters Club

Differentials and Debts (G; House/Wilson)
House owes a lot to his best friend.

Arias and Overtures (G; Crowley/Aziraphale)
In the movies they always make this bit look simple
Good Omens

Majere (PG; Caramon/Raistlin, Kitiara/Raistlin)
The curse of family.
Dragonlance. For Kay Taylor.

Anachronism (PG; Dom/Billy)
A friendship, a relationship; ebb and flow over time.

Fancy (G; Nick/Paris, Nicky)
Paris has always shared with her sister, but this.

North Wind (PG-13; Vianne/Josephine)
To a different life.
Chocolat movie-verse

Honey I Hope You Can (PG-13; Paris Hilton/Tara Reid)
looking into a mirror, but not of herself
RPS. Otherwise known as the crackfic.

Gift (G; Raistlin/Tanis)
Tanis offers his love, but Raistlin knows what he's worth, what he wants.
Dragonlance. For Lasair, on her birthday.

Argentine (R; Tony Leung/Leslie Cheung)
Home is not where the heart is. Summer heat and what strengthens a man's resolve.
Cantonese film RPS. For Rhoddlet.

Fair (PG-13; Raistlin/Caramon)
What cost power? What cost a life, and a love?
Dragonlance. Warning: story contains incest.