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The pieces of writing found on the following pages are based on real people of the entertainment industry. Celebrities are their own people, and nothing I write has any bearing on the realities of their lives. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

fiction arranged by date written or last updated, latest to earliest

Artifice (G; JC)
"Something filled up my heart with nothing / Someone told me not to cry / But now that Iím older my heart is colder / And I can see that itís a lie." Wake Up, Arcade Fire

Company (PG-13; JC/Chris)
JC helps Chris to recuperate, as patiently as a man in Chris' extended company can be.
for Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2004

Nature Lover (G; Britney)
...I'm not that drunk

Acescence (PG; JC, Chris/Justin)
when I hold you in my arms and I feel my finger on your trigger

Version (G; Justin/Britney, Chris/Justin)
Britney came up with the schoolgirl outfit for the video. Is that so hard to believe?

Eheu Fugaces (R; Robbie/Jonathon)
Alas, the fleeing. The passage of time as Jonathon waits patiently by Robbie's side.
Take That RPS

Slippery When Wet (PG-13; Chris/Nick)
Chris suffers through a bad start to the the day.

Unconventional (PG; Chris/JC)
Chris more than makes his point about romance.
for Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2003

Die Before I Wake (PG; Avril/Kelly Osbourne)
...I pray the Lord my soul to take. Not that Avril has one anymore.
for the Dance with the Devil challenge

Precious Heart (G; JC/Joey)
AU. A gemstone, a ball, a theft, a deal.

Post (R; Justin/Britney)
After, and after that, and even later. A relationship doesn't end at the break-up.

Serenade (PG; Chris/Justin)
I'll write a song about us.

Warm For A Day (PG; Chris/Lance, Joey/Lance)
"Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life." - Jingo, Terry Pratchett
for the All I Want Is You (U2 lyrics) challenge

Neon (R; Britney/Avril)
She's always buzzing just like.
for the John Mayer Lyric Challenge

Love is Strange (PG-13; Joey/Lance)
I can hear him singing / ooh love is strange / come dance with me baby / in the summer rain
for the Rain Challenge

Hasn't (PG-13; Nick)
It could all blow away in a minute, everything Nick has.

Stop and Start (PG; Chris/Lance)
It's not a romance, waiting for somethings to end and others to start.

Once (PG; Justin/Lance)
Fairytales always have happy endings, but that depends on whether you wanted one.