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This website is dedicated to the yacht class 'Spacesailer 24' (abbreviated SS24) and is intended for present and former owners to share their ideas, enjoyment and occasional racing triumphs. It was originally set up by John Kennedy of Perth who has since sold his 24 and who threatened Glenn Taylor of Brisbane with keel-hauling unless he assumed responsibility.

So welcome and may you all find good seas and friendly winds aboard a vessel easily handled solo yet also roomy enough for family or friends.

Glenn aboard Gallivant

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The Happy Helmsman!

SS24 Plan - click to enlargeThe Spacesailer 24 was designed by West Australian Kim Swarbrick and built by the family company, Swarbrick Bros of Osborne Park, Western Australia. In its time it quickly proved to be a very popular small cruiser/racer on the West Australian market. 

A medium-displacement 1995.4 kg (4400 lb) sloop, the boat sailed well in all weather and sea conditions. The design allowed maximum live-aboard facilities in a boat of this size with 1 .78 m (5 ft 10 in) cabin headroom and sleeping accommodation for five, plus extensive galley and stowage area. The Spacesailer 24 has a working sail area of 20.25 m2 (218 sq ft).

The Spacesailer 24 remains a very popular small yacht on the second-hand market many years after the last factory produced boat was built in 1979.


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