Total Games = 252 ........................................ 17-10-2019

All of these Games have been Converted to : LOAD & RUN ON A CMD HARD DRIVE.

They may also work on :- CMD RAMLINK, FD-2000, CBM D9060 & D9090 HARD DRIVE, IDE64 & ATA HARD DRIVES.

Conversions done by various people: Mager Velp, S. L. Judd , The Vortex, and lots by Nostalgia

If you are looking for TOOLS & UTILITES for A CMD HARD DRIVE, Click Here.



Works with CMD Hard Drive with Ramlink and SuperCPU also, and the Combination of all 3 will give you fantastic speed, not only in Loading & Saving but also movement around the game, as screen pictures Display Instantly with SCPU.

You may also want to check out the 1581 GAMES Web page, as these games may work on a CMD HD in a 1581 Emulation Partition.

4x4 Off Road Race (CMD Version)
7up Spot (CMD/1541 Version)
Airborne Ranger (CMD Version)

Alice in Wonderland

Added on 10-01-2010

Alien 2 (CMD/1541 Version)
Alien 3 (CMD/1541 Version)
Alienstorm (CMD Version)
Altered Beast (CMD Version)
Another World (for all drive types)
Apollo18 (CMD Version)
Arachnophobia (CMD Version)
Articfox (CMD/1541 Version)
Atlantis (CMD Version)
Atomic Robokid (CMD Version)
Bad Cat (CMD Version)
Ballz (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
Bangkok Knights (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
Battle Command (for all drive types)
Bburago Rally V2 (for all drive types)
Below the Root
Berania (CMD Version/ 9x D64 Images)

Bionic Commando (CMD/1541 Version)

Bionic Commando (v2)


Black Tiger (CMD/1541 Version)
Bloodwych 100% Version !!! (CMD/1541 Version)
Blue Angel 69 (for all drive types)
Bozuma (CMD/1541 Version)
Buck Roger (SSI) (CMD Version)
Budokan V2 (CMD/1581 Version, 4x D64 Images, RamLink aus!)
Buffalo Bill (CMD/1541 Version)
Castle Wolfenstein I (for all drive types)
Castle Wolfenstein II -Escape (for all drive types)
California Games (CMD Version)
  Calippofresser CMD Version)

Castlevania (for all drive types)

Castlevania (v2)


Catalypse (CMD Version)
Centric (for all drive types)
Chips Challenge (CMD/1541 Version)
Chuck Rock (CMD Version)
Chuck Yeager´s AFT (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
Circus Attractions V2 (for all drive types)
Clik Clak (for all drive types)
Combat Crazy (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)


Added on 23-02-2010

Conquestadors (CMD Version)
Cool World (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
Covergirl Strip Poker (CMD/1541 Version)
Creatures 1 and 2 (CMD Version)
Crush (for all drive types)
Daley Thompsons (CMD/1541 Version)
Dark Castle (CMD Version/ SuperCPU aus!)
Dark Fusion (CMD/1541 Version)

Defender of the Crown (1541-RamLink-Version )


Defender of the Crown (for all drive types & RamLink)

Destroyer Escort (CMD/1541 Version)
Deutsches Afrika Korps (CMD Version)
Dick Tracy (CMD/1541 Version)
Fugger (German)(CMD/1541 Version)
Die hard 1 (CMD/1541 Version)
Die hard 2 (CMD/1541 Version)
Dirty (CMD Version/ SuperCPU aus!)



Double Dragon 2 (for all drive types)



Double Dragon 3 (for all drive types)
  Dragon Breed (CMD Version)
Drol (for all drive types)

Duck Tales (use 1541 Emu-partition)

Duck Tales ( 1571 & 1581)

  Echelon V2 (CMD/1581 Version, 20MHz)
  Eidolon V2 (for all drive types, 20MHz)
  Elvira 2 V2 (CMD Version, 8x D64 Images))
  Eon (CMD/1541 Version)
  Exterminator ( for all drive types)

F14 Tomcat (1x D81 Image)

F14 Tomcat (4x D64 Images)

F18 Hornet(CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU 20MHz)
  F19 Stealth Fighter (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
Ferrari F1 (for all drive types ab 1571)

Final Assault-HD


Added on 23-02-2010

  Fighter Bomber (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU)
  Fire and forget 2 (CMD/1541 Version)
  First Samurai (for all drive types)



  Flightsimulator 2 (CMD/1541 Version)
Flimbo´s Quest (CMD/1541 Version)
  Flummis World (CMD/1541 Version)
  Forgotten World (for all drive types
Geebee Air Rally (CMD/1541 Version)
G.I. Joe V2 (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU)
Gaunlet 3 (for all drive types)
  Gemini Wings (CMD/1541 Version)
  Gem-x - (CMD Version)

GhostBusters 2


  Golf V2 (CMD/1541 Version)
  Gouls´n Ghost (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU)

Grand Prix Circuit (for all drive types)

Grand Prix Circuit (v2)


  Greystorm (for all drive types)
  Gun Smoke (for all drive types)
  Hammerfist (for all drive types)
  Harakiri (CMD Version)
  Harcon (CMD Version)
Hawkeye (CMD/1541 Version)
  Heatseeker (CMD/1541 Version)

Hollywood Poker Pro (CMD/1541 Version)

Hollywood Poker (v2)


  Hopp oder Top (CMD Version)
  Hostages (for all drive types)
Hot Rod (CMD/1541 Version)

Howard the Duck


  Ice Guys (CMD/1581 Version)
  Implosion (for all drive types, 20MHz)
  In 80 Tagen um die Welt (for all drive types)
  Indiana Jones 3 (for all drive types)
  Indiana Jones 4 (CMD Version)

Infiltrator 1 (CMD Version)

Infiltrator 1 (v2)




  International Team Sport (CMD/1541 Version)
  Kaiser (CMD/1541 Version)
Katakis (for all drive types, ohne Turn-Disk-Abfrage)

Keys to Maramon (for all drive types

(The Vortex)

  Kick Off 2 (for all drive types)
Killed Until Death (CMD Version)
  Kitron V2 (alle Laufwerke, mit oder ohne RamCard)
  Knight Games (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
  Koronis Rift (CMD/1541 Version)
Last Ninja 1 (CMD/1541 Version)
Last Ninja 2 (CMD Version)
Law of the West (CMD Version)

Legacy Of The Ancients


Lemmings (for all drive types)
  Lethal Weapon (for all drive types)
  Line of Fire (for all drive types)
Locomotion (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
  Logan (CMD/1541 Version, SuperCPU aus!)
  Logical (CMD/1541 Version)
  Lords (CMD Version)
  Lords of Conquest (CMD/1541 Version)
  Lost Ninja (CMD/1541 Version)
  Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (for all drive types)
  Manchester UTD (CMD Version)

Marble Madness (CMD/1541 Version)

Marble Madness


Mayhem im Monsterland (CMD/1541 Version)
  MC Donaldland (CMD Version)
Meanstreet (CMD/1541 Version)
  Mega Starforce Remix (REU Version, CMD)

METAL WARRIOR 4 (Agents of Metal V1.1)


Added: 3-3-2011

METAL WARRIOR 4 (Dojo Preview)


Added: 3-3-2011

  Minigolf (for all drive types)
  Miniput (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
  Mission Impossible 2 (CMD/1541 Version)
  Motor Massacre (for all drive types)

Movie Monster (for all drive types)

Movie Monster Game


  Muehle 3D (ein File, 20MHz)



  Navy Seals (for all drive types)
Neuromancer (CMD Version)
  New Zealand Story (for all drive types)
Night Shift (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
  Nobby the aardvark (CMD/1541 Version)
North & South V2 (CMD/1541 Version)
  Ostfriesland Games V2 (CMD/1541 Version)
Outrun Europe (CMD/1541 Version)
  Pang (for all drive types)
  Patches für Elvira, Lemmings, Moons, Fred´s back, Lions



  Pirates! (CMD/1581 Version)
  Pirates! (German)

Pirates Of The Barbary Coast


  Pitfighter (for all drive types)
  Potsworth & Co. (CMD/1541 Version)

Predator (for all drive types)

Predator USA

(Added on 17-2-2011)

Project Firestart

(Added on 15-02-2010)

  Pub Games (CMD/1541 Version)
Raid on Bungling Bay (for all drive types)
  Rainbow Warrior (CMD/1541 Version)
Rambo 3 (CMD/1541 Version)
  Rastan (CMD/1541 Version)
  Retrograte (CMD Version)
  Risiko (CMD/1581 Version)
Robocop 2 (for all drive types ab 1571)
Robocop 3 (CMD/1541 Version)
Rocket Ranger (for all drive types ab 1571)
  Rodland V2 (for all drive types)
  Rubikon (for all drive types)
  Shadow of the beast V2 (CMD Version)
  Shinobi (CMD/1541 Version)
Silent Service (CMD/1541 Version)

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (for all drive types)


Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon


Skyfox 2 (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
Sleepwalker (for all drive types)
  Snowstrike (CMD/1541 Version)
  Soul Crystal V2 (1541 Version)
  Space Invaders (CMD/1541 Version)
Spelunker (for all drive types)
  Spherical (CMD Version)
  Streetfighter (CMD/1541 Version)
  Streetfighter 2 (for all drive types)
  Streetgang V2 (CMD/1541 Version)
  Strike Fleet (for all drive types, Laufwerksadresse egal)
Stunt Car Racer (20MHz)
  Summer Challenger (CMD Version)
Summer Games (for all drive types)
Summer Games 2 (CMD Version)

Sunny Shine (1x D81 Image)

Sunny Shine (3x D64 Image)

  Super Cycle (CMD/1541 Version)
  Superman (CMD Version)
  Superski (CMD/1541 Version)
Swiv (CMD/1541 Version)
Sword of Honour (CMD/1541 Version)
  Technocop (CMD Version)
  Terminator 2 V2 (CMD/1541 Version incl. Bootbilder)

Test Drive I (for all drive types, 20MHz)

Test Drive I (v2)


The Cycles


  The Simpsons (CMD/1541 Version)
The Games - Winter Edition V2 (CMD/1581 Version)
The Three Stoogers (for all drive types)
The Train (for all drive types)
  Thunderblade (CMD/1541 Version, 20MHz)
  Thunderchopper (for all drive types)
  Tiger Road V1 (CMD/1541 Version)



  Total Recall V2 (CMD/1541 Version)
Turrican 1 (CMD Version incl. Bilder & Digisound)
Turrican 2 (CMD Version, Absturz bei Levelskip!)
  Turtles Coin up (for all drive types)
  Tusari (for all drive types)

Ultima 3 "Gold"

Added on 12-02-2010

Ultima 4 "Gold"

Added on 12-02-2010

Vincent V2 (for all drive types)
  Weird Dreams (for all drive types)
Western Games V2 (for all drive types)
Wetten dass... (CMD Version)
Willow (CMD Version)
Wings of fury (for all drive types)
Winter Challenger (CMD Version)
Wintergames (for all drive types)

Winnie the Pooh - in the 100 Acre Wood

Added on: 01-04-2013

Winzer (CMD/1541 Version)
Woody the worm (for all drive types)
World Games (for all drive types)
World Tour Golf (for all drive types)
WWF European Wrestling (for all drive types)
X-Out (CMD Version)
X-Out in Heurekasprint Version (1541 Version)
ZACK (for all drive types)