CMD Hard Drive TOOLS

All  this software is made specifically for the CMD Hard drive or is compatible with it

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HD FINDER V1 This Tool works exactly like the FIND command in WINDOWS. It will search the hard drive for specific filenames and create a list of all FINDINGS. It also allows you to print the list. (created by me)
MEISTER-HD This fantastic utility can automatically search the entire hard drive for a file or game.
HD MENU's This disk contains a collection of Hard drive compatible MENU programs.
CD COMMANDER This program allows you to connect a CD ROM drive to your CMD Hard drive.
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IMAGE CREATOR This program allows you to create D64 Archives/Images by using a 1541, a CMD hard drive, or CMD Ramlink, infact you don't even need to have a 1541, you can use a HD-1541 partition. This program will also allow you to extract D64 Archives/Images onto ANY Disk drive, hard drive or Ram drive.
D64 IT This program converts 1541 disks or HD1541-partitions to D64 Archives/Images and vise-versa.
DFILER Another program that converts 1541 disks or HD1541-partitions to D64 Archives/Images and vise versa.
NAVIGATOR HD This program is similar to XTREE GOLD, and works with Joystick & 1351 Mouse.
SUPER GFX VIEWER This program allows lightning quick viewing of 100's of pictures, includes slide show function and works with all CMD devices including CMD Hard Drive, Ramlink (in all Partition types) and is also Super CPU compatible.




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