Amstrad CPC6128 - Sega SF-7000 - Atari 1040ST

I created this web page, to offer technical support, for the 3 computers listed above. For people who have downloaded games as Disk images, and want to know how to transfer them back to real floppy disks to use on the Real computer.

If you wish to copy the Real 3" Disks and 3.5" Disks, onto your PC as DISK IMAGES, then Click here to Download "CPCDiskXP"


if you have downloaded a Game Disk IMAGE from the Internet, and you wish to WRITE that image back onto a Real 3" or 3.5" Disk, then Click here to Download "CPCDiskXP"

This utility is PC based, you need to have a PC with a standard 3.5" Floppy Drive, and you should only use 880K or 720K disks. (You can not use 1.44mb disks).

To obtain 720k compatible Disks, you will need to buy some second hand ATARI-ST Disks, or Commodore Amiga Disk.

The following wiring diagram shows how to make a Cable to connect a standard PC - 3.5" Floppy Drive, to the Amstrad's External FDD Port.


In the above diagram, you have the option to simply short pins together or you can add a toggle switch so you have the option to change the setting. I found I rarely use the switches I added so shorting is simpler.

NOTE: Keep in mind that all ribbon cables, when Joined to a Connector, are arranged with All ODD pins on the top half of the connector and all EVEN pins on the bottom half.

Male IDC Connector Female IDC Connector


If you obtain power from inside the Amstrad for the External Floppy Drive, you need to take note of the following.

The Atari 1040ST's Internal drive is 3.5" so no modifications are needed.

"CPCDiskXP" will both work with Atari 1040ST Disks and Disk IMAGES also.


This Page last updated : 21-02-2018