CD-ROM Commander 64 

(C) Copyright Lars Eckhardt 1995





You must have a CMD hard Drive, with one empty SCSI port, both 25 pin & 50 pin Ports will work.



With this program,  you can use a standard SCSI CDROM Drive on your Commodore 64.  
  (Note: CMD Hard Drive required)

This allows you to obtain CD's full of C64 Software or simply create your own using your PC.
I have a CD full of D64 images and also PRG files and I simply load them onto the hard drive when I want to view or play them and it is Quick & simple.

My whole collection of C64 software is on two CD's so it is all in one place and ready to use, thanks to this fantastic program. Overall, It makes using the C64 very convenient.

Also works with SCSI & IDE DVD ROM Drives, simply Brilliant software

Click Here to Download CD-ROM Commander-C64

Click Here to Download CD-ROM Commander-C128

CDROM Commander - MANUAL

Click Here to Download the User Manual-Instructions

It has been translated directly from German so not very clear !!


*Supports: CD, CDRW, DVD, DVD-RW, DVD-DL
* No more speacial custom cables required.
* Fast & reliable.
*100% Compatible loading of software.
* Brings your C64 Into & Beyond the Year 2000.

There is also a C128 Version of CDROM COmmander, which you can find 0n my DRIVERS web page.

Last Updated : 16-09-2015