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A Look inside the CMD RAMLink


64K ROM, 64K RAM, 16MB RAM SIMMs, REAL TIME CLOCK, PARALLEL PORT, Pass Through Port, 17XX Port. Battery Backup Port. 9 Volt Power Port.


The CMD RAMLink is almost identical to a CMD Hard Drive, in terms of Partitioning, Operation, and its ability to SWAP 8, and become the main work drive.

Its Partitions can be set up as a single 16MB Native,or multiples of : 1541 Emulation, 1571 Emulation, 1581 Emulation, And RAM DAC - (Direct Acces RAM).

It is effectively a RAM Drive, provided you have a RAM Card in which uses the old 30 Pin SIMM's.

(you can see this RAM Card in the above photo with 4 rows of SIMM's installed.)

If you do not have a RAM Card installed, it is just a high speed parallel cartridge, designed specifically to connect to a CMD Hard Drive using a parallel cable. OR if you have a CBM REU model 17XX, then there is a cartridge port to the rear of the device which is specifically made for your REU to mount to. The RAMLink then lets you use your CBM 17XX REU as a RAM Drive.


RAM Card & Real Time Clock .

Their are 2 different versions of the RAM Card :

(1) STANDARD - This has 4 x SIMM slots for a total of 16MB RAM.

(2) RTC - This has 4 x SIMM slots for a total of 16MB RAM, But it also has a Real Time Clock chip installed so that GEOS and any other utility can read the real Time & Date from this clock.

It also gives all your files Time & Date stamping, like you would find on a CMD hard Drive or on a modern PC, but because this does not contain a 3.6v clock battery, the clock needs to be re-set every time power is removed from the device, quite annoying. (Unlike the CMD Hard drive which contains a 3.6v clock battery.


Battery Backup & Power

The RAMLink has a Battery Port for an external Battery backup, as used in many Alarm systems, using a sealed Lead Acid battery. This battery is charged by the RAMLink and when the RAMLink is off, it allows the unit to keep all of your files in it.

If you do not own a Battery backup, when you turn off the power to your RAMLink, you will lose everything in it and it will Defualt back to one big 16MB Partiton.

The unit requires a 9 volt power supply. Version 1 uses a 4 pin C64 type supply, Version 2 uses a more common 2 pin plug.



The RAMLink does not contain 6502 & 6522 chips or any Serial chips. It also contains a DOS which is similar to, but not that same as CBM DOS found in all of Commodore drives. Therefore, this is the least compatible device when compared to a CMD Hard Drive.

GEOS Drivers are provided to allow you to access the RAM as a RAM Drive or for Direct RAM access.

GATEWAY also supports it, as both a RAM Drive and as a REU (Ram Expansion Unit).


Written by : The Vortex, Last Updated : 20-3-2011