Spacetaxi's BLOG - Year 2015

Who Destroyed the Royal Melbourne show ????

I recently went to the 2015 Royal Melbourne Show with my neighbour and his kids. The last time I was at the show was around the year 2000. I was very disappointed by the overall boring layout of the place, and the lack of variety.


The Chairlift - is gone ?

Why would you remove the Chair lift ?

It was such an amzing value for money ride that also acted as a form of mass Transport. It was built in 1975, so it was only in use for about 20 years, what a waste.

You could go for a Chair lift ride at the start and see where everything was so you could then visit those locations in the order that suited you.

If you were tired you could get on the chairlift and be taken from one end of the showgrounds to the other, saving you the long walk.

It seems there are lots of Evil people who want to destroy rides even though the majority of the public like them. The same thing is happening to the Brisbane show. Ekka fans next month will have one last chance to enjoy an icon of the past four decades - the chairlift - before it is removed to make way for a multi-million dollar redevelopment.

"It has to go because we have some necessary upgrading of the facilities hopefully at the beginning of next year, " said RNA President Dr Vivian Edwards.

Whats a self absorbed NAZI. It seems the rich can do whatever they please and the rest of us just have to grin & bear it.

Pie in the sky (well actually its the Four-n-Twenty Pie) 4 N 20 Pie.

This was always the Four-n-Twenty Pie to most people. Now that has just been painted over. forget historical accuracy, this is the "Make it up as we go along " Club. Maybe Four-n-Twenty stopped paying the advertising fee or something ? who knows. Four-n-Twenty were first discovered at a stawl at the Royal Melbourne show & the business boomed from then onwards.


Big Stadium - replaced by the tiny Arena

Its was a good place to sit & rest & look through your showbags.

Its was also a great place to sit & eat your food & drink.

As you can see from the old Black & White Post card, the show has been reverted back to less than it was in 1912, Due to the Demolition of most of the original Stadium. How Dumb is that !


Herald Sun Arena

Only two seating areas in an L-shap around the edge so hundreds of people had to stand in the garden near by to Performances & watch the Fireworks show at the end of the day. When you are tired, at the end of the day, it really sucks standing with arms full of show bags and other stuff, simply coz there is not enough seating & resting areas.


Entertainment Dome

Another Little building with huge cues and bouncers at the doors stopping most people from enetering, when I was there. Another example of someone thinking too small. Why have a band perform in a tiny building, in the middle of the old stadium. If you had left the Big Stadium as it was you could have allowed everyone to enjoy the music. instead only a select few got to hear it. Another example of why they should have never demolished the original Stadium. How dumb can these people be ???


Sell off 30% the Show grounds.

Melbourne's population is about 5 times greater than it was 20 years ago, so with more people living here, wouldn't you exapand the show grounds ??? Well they have made it smaller. They sold off the front section to one of the Greedy Duopoly Coles & other shops. The Government building was left alone, but is now used as a Rug shop.

At the rear end of the show grounds, they have also shut off several buildings to the public.

And while we are at it, lets let Master Chef use a building, so there will be even less things avilable at the show.



Where have all the Animals gone !

It seems the show is no longer about animals. There were only two buildings with animals in them that I saw, and an out door display of some dogs running around and jumping through hoops.

Kids love to pat a real horse or cow or sheep. And to see a chicken or Rabbit up close or a hamster, what a thrill !

There were hardly any animals on show. So what did I pay $38 to enter the show grounds for? what did I get for my money... not a lot.. infact very little.


The Woolworths pavilion. (The smokey/hot tent with lousy food stalls)

This was very poorly designed. Fully of smoke from all the cooked food, no exhaust vents anywhere. The heat was uncomfortable, no air circulation & no air-conditioning at all. So many little food stalls, but so few seats & tables for the public. We bought Thai noodles, and what we were given were rice noodles with some toxic sugar laden sauce and a few microscopic pices of chicken. It was so sweet it was inedible.

We eneded up getting Take-away food from a food caravan, which was a lot more edible.


The Showbag Pavilion.


Lets squash everyone into one shitty room on a hot day . So many people with prams- 3 seats wide, stand around and slow the rest of us down, who just want to buys some bags & then get the hell out of this oven of a building.

First we had to cue up with hundreds of other people , in a cue that went for about half a kilometer, (zig zagging left & right 4 times , which wasted about 20 minutes of our time.

Then you finally reach the OVEN Showbag building. We were all crammed in worse than cattle heading to the middle east.

Showbags used to be available all over the show, in buildings like: The hall of Commerce, The hall of Manufacturers, etc.. so which maniac decided to cram & squash most of the bags into one main building ? Yes there were a few small shops selling show bags on the outside of this building but very few & by the time we found out it was too late.

This is an ongoing problem, as previously mention in 2011, by another honest person: JENELLE



The reality is someone has removed all the adventure from the show. This is what happens when everything is in one place or one building. There is now no variety to the place. There used to be so many little shops & buildings in the original showgrounds. So much to explore & visit, it used to be a real adventure. The external parts of the Stadium also used to be the housing for many shops & food stawls. In part of the original Stadium, there used to be rooms under the seating area, where more animals could be found on display, such as Rabbits & Guinee pigs.

The obvious theme here is a very very small group of people are making very shit decisions that impact millions of people. The people who managed the Renovations of the Royal Melbourne Show, have destroyed all that was Interesting & unique about it.

This is not about the Companies that advertise at the Show grounds, this is more about the Millions of people who visit the show every year. They are the End user of this Facility and all experiences they gain within. Shouldn't someone have asked the People of Melbourne what they wanted ?





I just bought a SONY 16GB USB Stick.

The first bad thing that happened was the Retractable slide handle stopped working after only 2 minutes.

when I get it home and plugged it into my PC it says it has 15.4 GB of Free space. I find it very dishonest and annoying that it can be Falsely labelled like this. I know space is lost for the FAT ( File Allocation Tables), But that does not change the fact that I have 15.8GB of Data that I need to transfer off my computer and I am stuck with this piece shit.

If they had been honset in the first place I would have gone and bought a 32GB Stick....

So I am pissed off now but I see on the packet that it comes with FREE SOFTWARE, ie - X-PICT STORY and FILE RESCUE.

So I look on the USB stick but there is no software ! I read the packet, and it says you have to go online to get the free software. How dumb is that, when they could have simply put it on the USB Stick ???? the Dick heads want you to waste your time going on line to get it, so I get on the net, and try to obtain my Free Software using my USB Stick's Serial number.

After wasting a lot of time and trying several different very long numbers, it says only one of the programs is available in my country... ( and its is the one I don't want ) ..Grrrrr....WTF ???

I can't believe such a little thing could waste so much of my free time & money and make me so Frustrated !!!

I will never buy another SONY product ever again and I want to give everyone a WARNING, to save them from suffering a lot of anger and wasted time. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE !!



LEXAR - 16GB USB Stick:

So the next day I went back to the shop and bought a LEXAR 16GB USB stick but when I plug it into my PC it shows as only 14.6GB .... Grrrrr.

I wish these companies would stop lying about the size. They should not be allowed to do this.

And all these companies can't even tell the same lie.

One is 15.4GB and one is 14.6GB, but neither of them is 16GB. So all I can say to the Management of SONY & LEXAR, is you both need to go back to primary school and study maths, and learn how to add again !!! You Dishonest pricks.


So what is the True way to measure Computer Storage for Windows, Apple MAC, Linux & Android ?

Well that is quite easy. All computers have a CPU & RAM & ROM, which are measured in "bits", and there are 8 bits in a byte. So Everything is measued in multiples of 8.

So 1024 bytes = 1 MB, (note that: 8 x 128 = 1024). So 1024 MB = 1GB

for example, a Windows 7 PC uses a 64 bit CPU, (notice how 64 can be divided by 8 perfectly, with no remainder). so when the CPU talkes to RAM or ROM or a storage device, like a Hard Drive, it Reads & Writes to it using this system.

Microsoft & Apple are not stupid, so they report the truth when you ask them for the Free space on a Storage device, so they always divide by 1024 and then give you the true amount of free space.

Western Digital, Seagate & Samsung are the biggest hard Drive manufacturers today in the world but all of them have decided to LIE to the public and they have decided to sell a hard drive labelled as 1000MB = 1GB. So what is the result of this Lie, well your computer takes a True measurement of the device like this: 1000/8 = 125.

125 is less than 128, so its a loss of 3, which is quite small, but when you multiply that Loss of 3, by the number of MB, you end up with a Hard Drive that only has about 930MB when it should have 1000MB of free space.

So now you know the LIE !!!

The LIE gets even bigger when you measure the latest big 4TB hard drives. 1024GB = 1TB is the true measure, but under the LIE system, your 4TB Hard drive only has about 3.6 TB, so you have lost 400GB and yet you haven't even used the Hard Drive

As long as we put up with the LIE, Big companies will continue to LIE to us in every way they can.

So do you want the Truth !!!!!

If you run any hard drive CLONE or IMAGE utility, such has HDDRAWCOPY, SELFIMAGE, WINIMAGE, EASUS or NORTON GHOST, you will always be shown the true Hard Drive size once you have created an image file.