SUPER CPU (Version 2)

Manufactured by CMD for the Commodore 64 / 128

Here are some photos of my Super CPU 64 internals, which I took recently to help me find a problem I was having with the RAM Card not being detected.

I have posted them here on my website to assist anyone who needs to know the components used in the Super CPU 64, or for refernce to where wire links were placed, in case you accidentaly break one off.

WARNING !! There are lots of design bugs in the VERSION 1 (1a), (1b) 1.14, (1c) 1.32 SuperCPU 64 & SuperCPU128. So Most of the TOOLS, GAMES & DEMO's on this website, will NOT WORK!, so Please do not email me to tell me these files are faulty... The fault lies with ALL VERSION 1 SuperCPU's.

SuperCPU 64 & SuperCPU128. VERSION 2 (2a) , 2.04 (2b), 3.0 (3a) will have 100% Compatability with ALL of these TOOLS, GAMES & DEMO's.

Front Panel

MOTHERBOARD or main PCB. (Component side)

MOTHERBOARD or main PCB. (Solder side)

MOTHERBOARD (Cartridge PCB-Bottom view)

RAM Card PCB. (Component side)

RAM Card with 16MB SIMM

RAM Card PCB. (Solder side)

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