My Favorite Commodore 64 Games


This is one of the hardest games I have ever played. The Graphics are so simple but so nice, very cartoon like. A very addictive game.

My friend and I played this game for hours once until we eventually made it to the top and then hopped safely home back to the nest. One of the most rewarding feelings you can ever get from a game, as this game really makes you work for your reward. Saving with an Action Replay by freezing may be the only way out for those with no patience.

It is such a simple game, all you can do is Jump Left or Jump right, and the only skill is timing and the amount of energy you put into a jump.


Hey, it looks like some new version of CHESS.

Let me blow your mind into little pieces, this game was made in the 80's on a humble little Commodore 64, and the first time I loaded it up, I thought it was an Amiga Emulator!! Coz it looked so far ahead of its time. It does not look like a C64 Game at all.

Who the hell made this & managed to get a C64 to look like an Amiga ??

This game is simply one of the best Game ideas of all time. But it is so slow on a real C64 that I can't understand how I put up with it at the time.!! It must be Love, like how I put up with Castle Master.

Now you can play it with a SuperCPU 64/128 or an Emulator like VICE or CCS64, you start to see how Amazing this game is when it is running on FULL SPEED.

You Start the Game at the Bottom of the Lansdscape, you need to Absorb Trees & Boulders to create Boulders, stacked on top of each other, & a Robot that you can Teleport to, to move up to a Higher Location. You Must be above a Sentinel to Absorb it. There may be up to 7 Sentinels on one level. As long as you are above them you can Absorb them. Watch out if they Clearly see you, they will Absorb you. If they only Partially see you, they will send down a Pawn to Force you to teleport to a Random location on the Map. Nasty.

Always turn around and absorb the original Boulders & Robot that you teleported from.

Sorry Joystick Gamers, This is a KEYBOARD only Game !!!! But could you fiddle with it using XPADDER & an EMulator ?

Download link here: The Sentinel (20MHz)


When I first saw this game in 1985, it looked very easy & simple to pick up objects, and I liked the weird Superman that flys in & kills Robots when you press fire. I live in Australia so I dont know that this was based on a UK TV Show. But I did not have a clue what to do in this game, the DISK was the only obeject that worked, so everyone I knew gave up playing it at the time. Fast forward to now 2019, and I decided to give it another go now that I am older & wiser.

To see the MAP of the Game I created and a Walkthrough I also created, simply Click here.


Kind of like a Cowboy Simulator, this was a Brilliant design for its time. When most games of the era were just getting you to control a man or a ship, this game was an amzing new & fresh way of using a computer to entertain people.

(1) We all enjoyed the fact that we can shoot who ever we want.

(2) We liked the ability to question people and try to Survive to the end to see what is next.

Such an Original game which I am sure every C64 owner has played at some time in their life.


Programmed by: Kyle Hodgetts - ECP 1987

This is a Brilliant little game, where you fly around in space destroying Alien Fighters, Space ships, Motherships and Asteroid mining craft. The game is well made, you can call up a Map of all 4 sectors, to see what enemy are still remaining. The Aim of the game is to clear each section of enemy motherships, using a special bomb that is only found by destroying Green Asteroids.

CTRL = Show Map, (Joystick Fire =Exits map mode.)
SPACE = Docs, keep pressing space to scroll through all types of ships, asteroids, everything explained. (RUNSTOP) = Exit Docs mode.
CBM = Smart bomb or super bomb, this is the only thing that seems to Destroy the big Mother ships that have two runways, like wings.


This game requires an EasyFlash Cartridge to work or VICE Emulator.

It was only very recently made, and is an exact clone of the original game found on PC & Amiga, and includes ALL 14 Levels.

The C64 Versions is fantastic to play and considering it is a Free game, all I can do is bow down to the programmer, as this game has the quality of a top end full price game.

To be honest I am still in shock to see this on my C64. It just goes to show what can be achieved by a Brilliant programmer.

Download the game here.


This Game really made me feel like the C64 was keeping up in the 1990's. The Graphics were mind bogling. You move around in a 3D World, and although it was very slow, I still loved playing it. It was one of the first 3D-First Person Perspective games on the C64 and you could see the computer was pushed to its limit.

It was great trying to ficure out how to get into the Castle and then oce you are inside the exploration starts. This game is Amazing play now uisng a fast PC with an Emulator like VICE or if you own a rare CMD SUPER CPU, you can also play the game at a much faster pace.

If you like this game check out these very similar 3D-FPP Games:

Castle Mater II-The Crypt, Driller, Dark side, Total Eclipse 1 & 2, 3D CONSTRUCTION SET - 20Mhz

And Click here for a lot more 3D-FPP Games that were made by Users, not companies.


This is a Fantastic Game, and is one of the first Arcade adventures I ever played on the 64. I remember back in high school I was playing this game for hours everyday with a friend, and each time we lost a life we would switch players. This went on for months, but we did not complete it. Eventually, 10 years later !! I mapped the game and got through it but due to a bug in the Original, it only counts 10 treasures, even if you have brought 11 to the surface. To see the ending, place the HEX value 0A, (decimal value 10), into the memory loaction $B7E9, (Decimal: POKE 47081,10) And then go down the middle hole and to the left & pickup a treasure. Then take it to the surface and drop it to trigger the ending.

Can be found here


This is by far my all time favorite C64 game. Reason: It is so original with 4 types of weapons, Boomerang, Knife, Grenade & Polevolt. (In unlimited quantaties). Exploring the Jungle is hard at the start and you dont realise the purpose of the game is to collect EGGS before you go to the next level.

The Graphics are beautiful, and I love the Caves & Mines with mining car, bats, gems and underground ponds. And the Native Villages on level 3 are well drawn also. I loved exploring the levels in this game, it is a huge game, and is very hard so you will have to get a Cheat Poke or a version with unlimited lives to complete this.

For the Solution & maps, Click here.



This is a very unique game as it contains so many sub games, you touch a picture hanging on the wall and then you can enter a sub-game. Very imaginative. You also have to solve a murder so this makes for a very addictive game, which is very good value. I also liked the Rock-n-Roll group that this game was based on, so I found some of the Music & sounds in this game to be simple awesome.. or is it just my love of the SID, but either way there are some very good tunes in this game, which just further adds to the enjoyment of playing it. Overall this is an excellent game, which I have never completed Yet !!!

The Original game also came with an Audio casette with a live recording of RELAX by the group Frankie Goes to Hollywood.


This game is very well made, and would have to rank up in the top 10 in terms of overall game quality. It is like a Cinemaware game, in that it has great movie sequences, and because you are on a spaceship, and most people have been killed by Aliens, so it reminds me little of the movie "Alien". :

GRAPHICS = 9/10,



PLAYABILITY = 9/10 Very addictive until you complete it.


This was an excellent arcade adventure which was lots of fun to play and took me many years to grow old enough to make a proper map and complete it.

This was made by DATAEAST Software who made a lot of other very good games, that you may like to try like:

The Goonies, Conan, Bruce Lee, Black magic,


This was an excellent arcade adventure which was lots of fun to play and took me many years to grow old enough to make a proper map and complete it.

This was made by DATAEAST Software who made a lot of other very good games, that you may like to try like:





An excellent little game where you explore caves going deeper & deeper into the earth, whilst chased by Ghosts. Search for keys to bring along or else you may find you are stuck. by Broderbund.




People call this a Gauntlet style game but for me it was much more than that coz it had a lot of outdoor settings and ricvers & bridges and you could cast a GOLEM spell and then get the Player 2 Joystick and fight Evil with 2 people. That is what makes this an excellent game.

If you like this check out Druid 2 and Druid 3.




This is a Fantastic Arcade adventure which I enjoyed first on my Amiga as the C64 version was hard to find, but amazing the C64 version actully plays better than the Amiga version coz the characters walk alot faster in the C64 version.

Yes, I was a fan of the TV series, but the first Thunderbirds game on the C64 by Firebird was just a puzzle game, which I completed but was always wanting more. This game by Grandslam is much much more. It has 5 huge levels and lots of fun to be had for any Thunderbirds fan.



This is like a Space version of JOURNEY, only much bigger and better coz you can fly in any direction. Very original and lots of imagination went into creating all the creatures & alien life forms. I love the Robot, the Fluffy and the Guns.

Excellent exploring type Arcade Adventure.


The Protection in this game is incredible, no pirate copies work coz,

OBJECTS DISAPEAR AT RANDOM, so you can't complete the game.



This is a huge game, with very good weapons, you have 1-Lazer, 2-Grenades & 3-Robot drone (A small disc that hovers above you and shoots at your enemies). The graphics are very nice and it is a very good Arcade Adventure, that will require an Action Replay or some type of freeze cartridge coz there are sections of the Map that once you fall down a shaft, you cant go back up, and if you dont have the key, you may as well turn of the computer and start again.



This game was available on Cartridge & Disk , made by EPYX. It is a brilliantly designed game. You walk around a Dungeon which is hidden by mist until you enter each section. You then have to Fight using a sword, Bow & Arrow, or Cast Magic spells. You use the 4 function Keys and the Joystick to do anything from Search for hidden Doors/Traps to Treasure.

This is one of the first ever Role playing games, and it is fast and easy to play. Prior to this there were many similar games made but all were as slow as piss and when fighting, the winner was randomly decided by the dice, so the games were boring to play, like "Curse of Ra", and other slow versions of the first generation Apshai games.

Also check out the MAP-LEVEL Maker for the Atari Version with an Emulator, Click here for info.


A Disk based version of the Apshai style of game. This is a special edition as it is a re-make of the older games that were slow & boring, to make them now Fast & fun to play with lots of improved sprites also with better detial to show good animation in movement. You could also get extra Dungeon disks for new adventures, but I am sure these are included in the Triolgy. Their old names are: UPPER REACHES OF APSHAI & CURSE OF RA, for the add on Dungeons/games.

If you like this , also see:




Both of these are excellent games and their are many other games that are Clones of these or they have been influenced by them. Hearing the voice in these games back in the early 80's was amazing. The C64 has such clear voice but very few games take advantage of the fact that the SID can talk very clearly, and impersonate a person male or female, of any age.



This game is another very popular C64 game for many people, made around the same time as Beach head. And similar in value as you get 5 different games rolled into one. The best part was being in the trenches attacking the mansion.



This is so many games in one, you get to trade, you get to travel, but best of all you get to Fight!!

This game has a fantastic sub game built in, like a Pirate Ship fight in a Movie, you get to Fire your cannons at another ship.

I loved the way you have to Load the Canons and then you only have time to fire a few of them, even though you loaded all of them. It is great watching the other ship get blown to pieces and eventualy catch fire & sink.


Very Spooky back in its day, as it says "You are on a haunted ship - Searching for the Captains soul". These were the first 3D-Isometric games I played on the C64 and I enjoyed mapping it and solving the puzzles, which are not too hard. If you like this game, you can also try :

STAFF OF KANATH, ENTOMBED, DRAGON SKULLE, and ARCANA , which are identical in playing style to this.

For the complete solution to ARCANA including maps of every level, click here.


This game has amazing music at the start which lures you in. It is an Arcade adventure with fighting & jumping thrown in to make it last. It is very imaginative the way it plays out as you find the right objects to let you pass to the next dimension or level. Each level is a different dimension completely different compared to the last , which makes it very interesting to play. I don't know what makes this game special but lots of people I spoke to all completed it, and also said they found it special as well.


Be warned it does have a bug in the game, where you may jump onto something and die, and the game will place you in the air, above the same location so you just keep falling onto the dangerous object and lose all your lives in 4 seconds. So SAVE using a Freezer Cartridge as you play.


Fantastic game where you progress from simple Caveman throwing rocks to survive, up to becoming what lloks like a flying robot with lazers, in a protective suit. Very Good Graphics, imaginative and fun to play & rewarding to complete.


An Arcade adventure that reminds me a bit of the Above game ATIRIAD. It was lots of fun to play & map. Very unusual game.


Excellent graphics, reminds me of the bottom of my fish tank. Huge game and lots to explore with 8 crystals to collect, but they must all be the same colour to act as a key and open the door to the room containing the Monolith , that you must destroy. If you like this game, also see NODES OF YESOD


One of the first Disk Games I ever got, and you can play it lots of times as it creates a totally new map each time you play it, if the Write protect tab is off !!!


Excellent two player game, had hours of fun with one of my best mates playing this game. And very funny too, as you can turn on Electricity and Fry the monsters as they walk into the traps you have set for them. Excellent fun trying to figure out how to escape each level. This is a fantastic old game.

If you like it you may also want to take a look at CATLES OF DR.CREEP II



Slow moving but nice Graphics and addictive game play.

The Protection in this game is a bastard. You get to the middle of the game and then you cant walk through a Door !It is like an invisible force field. This was fixed by THE REMEMBER Crew.

Only recently did those get fixed and you should be able to find a working version here.


This is a very colourful game that I first played on the APPLE ][, so it is one of many games that was later converted to the C64.

It is a weird game with Dogs that have jet packs flying by, jumping Cats that kill and some hidden Man Eating Plants showing fantastic animation for its day.


Another game that I first played on the APPLE ][, so it is one of many games that was later converted to the C64.

At first hard to control, but later on you start to master the helicopters ability to rotate on a 3D axis, by holding fire. This is a very adictive game that will drive you mad trying to rescue as many people as possible from the burning house.

I remember I used to drop bombs on my own house, just so the men would come out before the enemy tanks showed up. I just wanted to pick up the people and then get the hell out of there.


This game has similar Graphic style to THE GOONIES, ZORRO and BRUCE LEE and was most likely made by the same programmer. Purple trees and some strange obstacles made this a very challenging game that I thoroughly enjoyed, as it was one of the first ever disk games released back then in the Olden days, when all we had was a TAPE player (Datasette). So it was a thrill to see such games back in the day when they were new & exciting.


The Music is so well made and suits the erra of the game theme. The Graphics are fantastic, I loved the Sword fights which are shown from a First person perspective, (very rare on the C64). And the Arcade adventure part is also logical, enoyable and also displays some very good graphics. After you complete the game, you move onto part-2, which is just as big as part-1 but it is set solely in the castle Dungeon mazes. This parts was also very enjoyable, but it is a big waste of time making the map, and by then you exit the level and the map is useless to you.

So I have provided the Complete SOLUTION to IRON LORD, with all info needed to complete Part-1 and Maps of all levels of the Dungeon to help you complete part-2. just Click here.


The Music is so well made and suits the Medievil theme of the game . The Graphics are fantastic, with so many fun sub games and the JOUSTING shown from a First person perspective, (very rare on the C64).

Breaking down the castle wall is lots of fun. And again when you rescue the girl, you see some totally Amzing Graphics for a c64.

If you like this type of MEGALOMANIA game, then you might also like SUPREMECY


This is a between SimCity and Defender of the crown. You have to gorw food and keep track of so many things, not simple at all, and then you try to take over another planet, and let slip the dogs of war.

You can spend many hours on this, it is a very long lasting, very good value for money , type game. And amazing to see the C64 can handle such a Huge & complex game.


I loved this game as it was the first ever Sim-City type game I ever played. You have to buy Fences & Land mines, which you then place in the weakest areas of your farm, to keep giant space bugs off your land.

Then set up a few solar panels to generate power.

Then you have to buy seeds and grow giant plants and sell the fruits. You have to turn on a beacon, only a few seconds before the ship lands, which is the ship that is coming to Resupply you & buy your Crops.

The ship also fills your order for more supplies & drops off a Fighting robot , who will run around on Auto and defend the farm incase anything does eat through your fences, and they will. It needs a battery installed to run.

This is an excellent game which I loved playing but after about 1 hour of play, the whole place goes dead , nothing attacks anymore and Nothing happens at all. Sadly there is Bad Design bug in this game... It has no ENDING !!!



The Only Space Simulation I have ever seen and boy did Accolade do a fantastic Job as usual with some very good Graphics in every section making it feel real on all levels. And the voice just adds even more realism to the game. To download this game , its in my VOICE games section, Click here.

I first played the TAPE version so it was slow to Load. There are a lot of faulty Disk versions of this floating around. I am not sure if they are NTSC or something coz the timing is out. So you will find that you can't even get the past the LAUNCH at the start, if you have a Faulty version.

Select phases of the mission individually
In the title screen RESET button, then enter one of the following pokes:
POKE 2356, 1 - Mission Control
POKE 2356, 2 - Docking
POKE 2356, 4 - Course Correction
POKE 2356, 6 - Lunar Landing
POKE 2356, 7 - EVA Moon Walk
POKE 2356, 8 - Lunar start
POKE 2356.11 - re-entry
then start with SYS 2335



A veary Addictive game. If you like it, also try Lode Runner 2, Lode Runner Construction set & Champinship Lode Runner


The first types of games EVER, were Typing Adventures, but then came the 2nd generation of this game type, the "Point & Click". This is a Fantastic game. If you like it, try Deja Vu 2 -AKA - Uninvited.

Very similar games also to try : TASS TIMES & BORROWED TIME.


This is a massive game with lots to do, and is played like DOOM, from a first person perspective. very nice graphics, very spooky being stranded on the planet. This game will take you a few months to Map & complete.


A very addictive game and one of the first ones I ever played on the C64. it is also compatible with most Hard Drives for super fast loading.


My first ever C64 Disk based game and it was great playing this with 3 people. Excellent game, lots of fun, lots of laughs when gravity changes. Very original & imaginative game. This is why I called my website SpaceTaxi.

Even better played today as a CMD Hard Drive version can be found here.


Very addictive game and lots of fun fighting & collecting lamps. If you like this game, you may also like THE GOONIES , CONAN & ZORO which are very similar, as I think they were all made by the same company. This Game can be found here.

They recenlty made BRUCE LEE 2, for C64 & PC, so download it here


Excellent Graphics and Imagination for its day. Follows the idea of the story very well, you actually eat food and it makes you Grow or Shrink, very imaginative & well made game plot. Quite slow at screen updates on a 1541.

Even better played today as a CMD Hard Drive version can be found here.

If you like this game also see BELOW THE ROOT


The game can be found in the TRAIN GAMES section of my website.

It is both a fun war game and an excellent simulation if you want to drive a Train and shoot down planes also.


This game was one of the first Tape games I ever got on my C64, and I played it for days trying to get through those caverns.

The Helicopter is easy to control and being able to Shoot & Bomb made this game very fun to play & very addictive. This game was so popular that it sporned many clones in later years, like : CAVERN OF ERIBAN, CAVERNS OF SILLAHC, CAVERN CONSTRUCTION SET.


This is the most voilent game I have ever played on the C64. You have to bash people until they are almost dead & imobile. Then you take them back to your lab and cut them up and make a Frankenstien. You then take the Frankenstien to Stone Henge and try to bring it to life with Lightening .. You also have secret pasages so you can sneak right into the heart of the town and attack people, and then drag their body back through the pasages.

Try not to get caught though !!!

Don't be fooled by the low quality graphics. This game has great playability and a lot of imagination has gone into its creation. Its addictive trying to create Frankenstien.



This is one of the largest platform game I have ever played. I mapped the game and it took me 3 months of playing almost every day. No wonder it was big, at the time it was made they were offering Hundreds of Dollars reward to the first person to complete the game. So they deliberately made it HUGE !!!

It is easy to shoot in all directions and jump onto & off of ropes. Overall a good exploring type game. if you like this, you may want to take a look at QUO VADIS II - REVELATION.



This is a real "Thinking Man's" version of Commando. One of the best Army games ever made. You are a Soldier, you parachute out of a plane with 3 bags full of equipment, And there are lots of missions. Excellent graphics, Playability is balanced, quite an enjoyable game.

A Part 2 was made but only for Amiga, Atari-ST & PC.



I could not beleive that the c64 was capable of having a game that looked like Leisure Suit larry, (like a PC or Amiga game).

So I was both amazed and very excited to get this game and play it through to the end. It has some great comdey in it, I love the cartoon sketches - as part of telling you the story so far....

Simply one of the best games I have ever played on the c64. If you like this also play Zack McKracken & the Alien mind benders.



I could not beleive that the c64 was capable of having a game that looked like Leisure Suit larry, (like a PC or Amiga game).

So I was very excited to get this game and play it through to the end. It has some great comdey in it, I love the part about ELVIS is still alive.

Simply one of the best games I have ever played on the c64. And it is a huge game also, which will easily keep you bus for a month .

If you like this type of game , also check out Labirynth, Dirty.



An Amazing game that I first played on the Apple][. It uses so many keys, yes its a keyboard only controlled game, but it is very enjoyable.

You can Walk, Run, crawl, search, place Dynamite, Light Dynamite, etc. I love the fact that you have so many different abilities, it is very empowering & makes the game more complex & enjoyable

And even if you complete it, then it creates a New map, so you can play it again and again.

You can use VICE or CCS64 Emulator and XPADDER to play this with a USB JOYSTICK or USB Control pad.

If you like this game, take a look at Mabel's Mansion, as it was made around the same time and is very similar in many ways, including control method.

If you like Arcade Adventures, check out LIVINGSTONE it is the ultimate.



A Game with an Egyptian them.

Very hard, Spooky Music, very addictive, one of the first C64 games I ever played. No other game is like it. So many stages to get through.

It was made by COSMI. Another huge game with spooky music by Cosmi is "Caverns of Khafka".



This is so many games in one. I think this guy is wagging class, and just enjoying himself avoiding Teachers, Cleaners, etc... and playing lots & lots of different mini games. A very original game.



This is a funny game that I loved to play back in the early 80's. You borrow your next door neighbours Lawn mower and then you have to mow your lawn but avoid the neighbours mad dog, and what ever you do, Don't mow the flowers. It makes your neighbours mad and overheats the mower too. This is a fun and very addictive game.


This one of the first typing Adventures I ever played. I loved playing typing adventures as long as they had pictures of some sort.

If you like this game you will like playing all the other games made by the same company ie SOFTGOLD. Some of the games are:

Search for King Solomon's Mines, Alien, Skull Island, Murder on the waterfront, Ninja, Thermonuclearwargames, Case of the Mad Mummy -AKA- Mystery of Munroe Manor.


This one of the first typing Adventures I ever played. I loved playing typing adventures as long as they had pictures of some sort.

If you like this game you will like playing all the other games made by the same company ie MOUNTAIN VALLEY SOFTWARE. Some of the games are: Lost City, Oasis of Shalimar, Smugglers' Inn, Scroll of Akbar Khan, Volcano of Raka-Tua, Escape from Raka-Tua, Himalayan Odyssey, King Solomon's Mines, Castle of Mydor, Dark Planet,




Another Good typing Adventure.




One of the first typing adventures, originally on Apple][.



Another one of the first typing Adventures I ever played. Excellent Graphics in all aspects, COndor Flys overhead and can help you in your quest sometimes. If you like this try MINDSHADOW, made by the same Company- Activision.




The first computer simulated pet, well before the idea was stolen by Tamagochi. This thing was like a little movie and we could not wait to see what happens as time goes by. Every disc had a totally different person living in the house. Once you know his name you can get him to type letters to you and he will communiocate a lot about his life and things that he is going to do in the future. You have to feed him though and his dog and give him water and deliver Records to his door so he can play music and dance. Such a cool game for its day, very original.



This is a huge Arcade adventure platform game. I had hours of enjoyment from exploring the massive game map.

For the complete WALKTHROUGH, MAP and lots more info on how to complete this Buggy game, Click Here.!!




This is a very old game that I only recently started playing. It is a nice Arcade adventure coz you can take your time and explore everything at your own pace so you get the job done properly and are not rushed. The exception to this is the Rooms that contain enemies !!

This is a KEYBOARD only game, but you can change the keys & then save the new Keyboard layout, or use VICE and a Joystick.

I like the fact that you don't just walk LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, & JUMP, you can also go FORWARD & BACKWARDS through Doors.

The keys you need to use most often are PUSH, OPEN & TAKE. IF you press the TAKE key and you actually find an object, you will hear a very different sound. Then press the INVENTORY key to see what item you have found.

To Kill an enemy you need to:

(1) Be carrying the right weapon,

(2) Select the USE WAPON key, usually "A", to put the weapon in your hand, and press "RETURN"

(3) Press the ATTACK key, usually "SPACE BAR", to throw the weapon at the enemy.


Click HERE to download 5 Different Disk versions of Mabel's Mansion. Version 5 was taken from an Original, I was told.

Click HERE to download a MAP and Walkthrough that I created. (note it is only 98% complete) 22-7-17





I got this game in 1998 and was fascinated by the fact that you not only control the person FPS, but you also control the right arm/hand.

Right from the start, you are stuck on a desert island and the Ocean off to your left which remineded me of Geelong , Victoria, Australia.

Another special thing in this game that was very rare in 1998, is you can look in any direction at any time, so exploring is amazing.

Then you start to Climb, Jump, throw boxes and even break your arm if you are not careful. It seems a bit slow at first but then you get some guns and enter Jurassic Park, and it looks amazing.

The best thing about this game is it keeps you in fear all the time with lots of Velociraptor attacks, and it has excellent Jungle, Monorail, dead vehicles & buildings for you to explore. It works fine on Windows 7, and it is addictive, with graphics still quite good even today.

If you have not played this, then you are missing out on a very good game that inspired many others Like: Far cry & other FPS's.

My only complaint, this game can be buggy at times, in terms of controlling the Arm/Hand. no big deal, just remember to SAVE often.

Click here for a Walkthrough & a very good website dedicated to this Brilliant game:





This game is a game that was very much made in the tradition of DOOM style games but it is a very advanced game for its time, in terms of Weapons & controls & Magic.

There are so many levels in this game, and each one is huge and fun to explore. It also has quite a good story line so overall, you can see alot of work has gone into this game. One thing I love about this game is your Character grows stronger over time, so your health increases & magic & weapons. By the last levels you are a very powerful being to say the least.!

It also has AutoMAP, Vehicles you can drive & Fly and lots of half naked women walking around town, what more do you want !!!!

Which is why it is still very addictive to play even in 2018.

You will need DOSBOX or D-FEND to play this on a modern PC.





This is a very good game. It contains lots of swearing, cursing & comedy. It has Sexy Alien women who try to kill you, Little Aliens that poo into their own hand and then throw it at you. And there are super Tuff Aliens that are twice your size and covered in more Cybernetic Weapon implants than a BORG in Star Trek.

Another thing I love about this game is it has Crazy Weapons : AK47, Alien Machine gun Breasts, Crossbow, Heat Seeking Chicken Crossbow Bolts that explode. etc..

Levels are fun to Explore with lots of Buildings & secret locations to find. Every Level follows the same rules, that you need to find all 3 keys before you can Escape. The other fun thing is finding hidden switches, Riding the Motorbike & Hover boat.



LINK: An Excellent Website devoted to these Games & also has lots of User Made Levels you can play after you complete the Company made Games.




This game is very violent & spooky and walking around the Magical kingdom without a weapon makes the game very hard so get a weapon ASAP.

If you like this you will love ECSTATICA 2

You will need DOSBOX or D-FEND to play this on a modern PC.

Took me about 6 months to complete by my self.




This game is so spooky and has the best Graphics. not only when it came out but even today in 2015 , it still looks amazing.

This is such an Amazing game to play also. You start with nothing but soon find a weapon and then later find some awesome magical weapons.

It took me about a Year to complete this, without cheating or using a walkthrough, and the puzzles are logical enough that you should be able to get most of the way through the game, without looking at a walkthrough, but everyone gets stuck somewhere in this game, so don't feel bad if you do need help at some point.

In terms of value for money, this is worth a lot more than the price it was sold for. Ecstatica 1 was very good but this is 50 times bigger.



Amazing Graphics for its time, Good story, The Beach, Harbour & Rain are very well done, and adds to the atmosphere of the game. This is an adventure game that you will love, from driving the car to going for a ride on the Ghost train type ride in the Amusement park.

This game is the 2nd in this series, if you like it, check out the first game called:

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure





Simply the best game I have ever played on any computer system. It was and still is an original idea for a game that felt very Alien and made you believe that you were involved in an experiment that had gone wrong and transported you to Another World on an Alien planet.

There is a modern re-make of this on PC with an Extra level in the game that was Not in the Amiga version so check that out if you love this game.




A very addictive game, and so much fun with riding bikes over enemies and eating Gum to blow a bubble, that floates you up to the top platforms in the level. Also good intro music with "Betty Boo just doing the Do".





The best instrumental music I have ever heard in a game. And an Awesome Platform game also.





Awesome Music





An amazing game with so much funny stuff. Its like watching a B-grade movie that you can also play. Giant Ants that mutated is the back bone of the weirdness in this game. And those half Ant half man people are just weird.

If you like this you will like IT CAME FROM THE DESERT 2




A very addictive game with the most amazing music at the start of it. It can get frustrating but the fighting with your team of men in the snow, desert, & Jungle will give you hours of fun.

If you like this you will like CANNON FODDER 2




After playing Servival Horror related games like Resident Evil & Silent Hill, I was in the mood for another Horror filled game. Although MEDIEVIL is nothing like these other 2 games, it is a great Hack & Slash Horror which at first seems simple & small but as time goes on, you learn that this is a Huge game with lots of puzzles to solve & objects to collect & use.

At the time it was made, it was a Brilliant game that was very popular on PS1.

With Levels like: THE GRAVEYARD, THE ASYLUM, SCARECROW FIELDS, THE SLEEPING VILLAGE, PUMPKIN GORGE, THE GHOST SHIP etc...all waiting to Spook the hell out of you as you are attacked by all sorts of strange creatures.

The only very annoying thing in this game is it changes camera angle suddenly, which can make you run off the edge of a cliff into water. This was very frustrating on the Level: POOLS OF THE ANCIENT DEAD, where I am sure you will be swearing as much as I did.

If you find it too hard, simply RE-PLAY an easy Level like: THE GRAVEYARD, you will pickup lots of money & 3 Lives of energy each time you play this easy 5 minute level. There is also a shop in this level that will let you buy more Crossbow Arrows, Magic Arrows, etc & top up your Sword energy to 100%. You can play this level as many times as you wish and end up with 20 Lives if you need them.

Note: the screen can only Display about 14 Green bottles of energy (LIVES), even though you may have 20 in total !!

Click here for a Walkthrough



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There are too many good games so I will try to narrow it down to the very best ones, also I can only list things as I remember them, so check this web page in a month or 2, as I may have more great games to recomend. Anyway here we go, in no special order: