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final update : November 25, 2020

The end of the life cycle

Greetings visitors (from recent through to long term,

When this page was tentatively put out there (launched) in august 2007, the online world was in a much earlier stage of growth. Streaming from a desktop Windows or Mac device, or perhaps through a nifty laptop, was the go.
Content sources were scattered hence not easily identified and Harnessed. So, it seemed a good idea to bring links to radio streams of interest (very subjective judgement of course) together on a single page or platform that would enable us to leap with minimal effortt to a plethora of content potentially from anywhere in the world.

Now with the pleasant proliferation of smart speakers and the ample availability of pretty accessible mobile apps, looking for the stream on a Windows or Mac machine is frequently yesterday's way. In fact, many streams are offered via media players which can not easily be automatically manipulated to emulate searching for and clicking on a 'play' button.
So before it actually decays to a mere museum piece, it is time to:

Many thanks to all who have helped me along the way with: A very big thank you to all who have visited the page. To know that even in a modest way this page has enabled anyone to gain more from the wonderful world of Internet Radio is very rewarding.

Good luck with your listening in to the future. I'm sure that with both mainstream and our blindness forums we will continue to help each other get the best out of the web for our radio listening. Smart speakers and mobile devices are fantastic and computers remain a pretty useful resource.
Do remember that "too much radio is barely enough".

Best regards to all,
Stephen Jolley

Prepared by Stephen Jolley
Melbourne Australia