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Last updated: January 12 2017

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This page contains links to audio streams that I find of interest. It is by no means an exhaustive directory, but points to a range of sport and other streaming radio that I visit from time to time. There are alternative links to sites referenced, as well as in some cases from referenced sites, numerous links to audio on demand.

When activation of a link invokes an embedded player, a new window is opened in order to retain access to this base window. Where actioning this link is unsuccessful, the cause may be:

Otherwise, success can be achieved by positioning the cursor over the link and using the context menu (Application Key or Right Mouse Key), and activating the' Open' option.

Though the integrity of the links can not be guaranteed, every reasonable effort is made to keep them accurate and up to date. Both Windows Media and Real Media links are provided where they are known to be available and MP3 along with an increasing number of Adobe Flash streams are sometines used. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome to Stephen Jolley.

Special Events

Grand Slam Tennis

Australian Open 2017 - Monday January 16 to Sunday January 29
AO Radio page

International Cricket

ABC Sport Cricket page BBC Cricket Fixtures page


RPH Australia

Radio reading and information services for people with a print disability RPH Australia main page

1RPH Canberra & Wagga Wagga

Windows Media stand-alone MP3 stand-alone 1RPH main page

1224 AM 2rph Sydney

Windows Media, stand-alone Apple compatible 2RPH main page

Vision Australia Radio

MP3 stream Vision Australia Radio main page

1197 AM RPH Adelaide

MP3 stream RPH Adelaide main page

ABC services

Local and Networked stations

Platform to AAC+ streams

Radio Australia - English Service

Radio Australia player

ABC News 24

Find embedded player and activate 'unlabel 2' button

ABC Sport and other Events

ABC Grandstand main page Note that at times, streams nay not be available outside Australia.

ABC Grandstand

AAC+ stream

ABC Extra

AAC+ stream

Special ABC Radio Streams