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In February 1992 I had a second hip replacement operation which was very difficult, with a resulting sciatic palsy.  After one year of treatment from you I was able to walk again!

More recently I had a pinched nerve and muscle spasm resulting in continuous agonizing muscle spasm which lasted nearly one year.  I tried all sorts of treatment, but only you have been able to get me to be pain free - the sports tape gave me complete and instant relief.  

Thank you for all you have done!

Valerie A.


Thank you for your help with my arm and neck overuse work injury.  Your thorough investigation and ergonomic report was very useful to both my doctor and osteopath. 

John M.

After two years of chronic hip pain that nothing I tried could fix, I thought I was stuck with pain for life.   Now after six deep tissue sessions I am totally pain free, and have full range of movement. 

Scott D.

Neil, the treatment of the muscles in the front of my neck was a bit uncomfortable, but the results were certainly worth it - I now have no pain after nearly 30 years of chronic headaches!

Judy F.

My tibealis anterior muscle strain had prevented me from playing sport or even walking without pain for almost one year, but just one short session learning how to tape it properly has allowed it to heal without aggravation.

Maria P.