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Stuff for the Epitaph Mud

About Epitaph

The theme of Epitaph is one of survival horror. It is set in the very near future in a world devastated by a rampaging virus that turns anyone it infects into a ravenous, hungry automaton hungry for human flesh. Against this deadly backdrop, you and your fellow players struggle for survival against a hostile and murderous world.

The above description has been taken from the Epitaph Mud home page.

MUSHclient Plugins

The plugins on this page are designed for MUSHclient to work on the Epitaph Mud.

About these plugins

These plugins are provided for anyone to use and change as they see fit. Use them at your own risk but I know of no problems that using them could cause. I currently use all of these plugins and more with no issues. A screenshot of the plugins in action can be found here.


How to download a plugin

To download a plugin, right-click on the plugin name below, and then select "Save file as" or "Save target as" (depending on your browser) to save the plugin file to disk.

Then put the downloaded file into the MUSHclient "plugins" directory.

How to install a plugin

Go to MUSHclient's File menu, select 'Plugins' (Shift+Ctrl+P), and then click on the 'Add' button. Choose the appropriate plugin file from the file browser.

MUSHclient Version Required: 4.43
Plugin Name Version Updated Download
Epitaph Mapper 1.0 28/11/2010 epitaph_mapper_v1.xml
Frame 2.1 17/06/2012 epitaph_frames_v2-1.xml
Chat Window 1.1 25/06/2012 epitaph_chats_v1-1.xml
Kill Counter 1.0 08/07/2012 epitaph_kill_counter_v1-0.xml

Epitaph Mapper

Mapping plugin

This is a beta mapping plugin written by Nick Gammon and modified by Garrion to work on the Epitaph Mud. The following setting is required to make it work correctly: options descriptions shortinlong=on.

The mapper will start mapping as you move around and will only work correctly when you can see. You will have to walk both ways through every exit to set the connections correctly so takes a bit of work to set up. When you have fully mapped an area you will come to love this plugin.

When mapping new areas ensure that the room description has been received before you type a new direction to go. This will ensure that the map does not stuff up and lose your location. If you want a cleaner looking map try deleting exits that lead indoors by right clicking on a room. This will make the exits not be shown while walking around the streets and only show the street rooms.


Wellbeing monitors and window frame

This is a plugin designed to monitor wellbeing stats and to frame the mud for future graphical features such as the mapper plugin. It is currently set for my screen width so any is feedback welcome.

The stats bars in this plugin are only updated by MXP so will only show changes once they are sent from the mud. This means that the info shown may not always be correct but seems to work well once you are active and using skills etc.

Chat Window

Chats sent to a seperate miniwindow

This plugin was developed by a lot of people on the MUSHclient forums and adapted to work for Epitaph by Garrion. It's a scrollable, dragable and resizable window that is very versatile. Right click the window for more options.

Currently you will have to go into the plugin code and change the triggers to be able to add new channels. This can be done by editing the plugin with any text editor program such as notepad.

Kill Counter

Counts things you kill.... All in the name really

This plugin counts everything that you kill and logs the name of the poor souls. It also logs the last time you killed something by that name and adds up all of the xp that you receive for killing. The plugin works in the background and does it's thing so you can forget about it until you want to see how bloodthirsty you have become.

Type "show_kills" for a readout of the log on your screen. This plugin sends nothing to the mud at all.