"Unable to start the program. One of the required components may be busy or missing. Please check your installation and try again."

When you start Outlook Express 4.0 after uninstalling Internet Explorer 5, you may receive this error message.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook Express 4.0 does not solve the problem.

This behavior can occur if the Outlook Express 5 version of Inetcomm.dll is still in the Windows\System folder.

To resolve this issue, use the System File Checker tool to extract a new copy of the Inetcomm.dll file from the Windows 98 CD-ROM to the Windows\System folder.


Reinstalling Outlook Express

Go to the help menu in IE3 and click on Microsoft on the Web >>Free Stuff.

Go to the help menu in IE4 and click Product Updates.

http://www.microsoft.com/ie/download/windows.htm/ will take you to the same place.

Customers can also download OE via the Bigpond Home Page:

Go to Rockpool >>Fun Stuff >>Cool Download >>Cnet Downloads
Type Outlook Express in the Quick Search area at the top of the screen
Click on the first option in the Search Results (MS OE 4.72)
They can also get the OE security patch while they're at it

This may be useful if the customer has trouble downloading from the MS site.

Errors sending mail

Check the address they have typed into the To field. Sometimes they just put a name, or a URL..

"The connection to the server failed. Account; mail.bigpond.com, Server; mail.bigpond.com, Protocol SMTP, port 25, secure (SSL); no socket error..."

Check that they are not using another ISP to dial in with. It occurs because SMTP relay is blocked.

An unknown error has occurred. Check email account: mail.bigpond.com, server: mail.bigpond.com, protocol SMTP, server response, 550 unknown user! Port:25 secure (SSL)..."

They may not be dialling into a Bigpond POP

They are sending to an email address that doesn't exist - 550 is unknown user

Check the address they have typed into the To field. Sometimes they just put a name, or a URL... Right click on the name and select properties to see if it is a valid email address. If they clicked on 'Reply to' the address could still be incorrect, e.g. @bigpond.com

It may be a bad email in their Outbox and the fix for that is to delete the mail in the Outbox (or at least the first one)

It may be a corrupted Outbox, in which case you will need to close OE, go to Start>>Find>>Files or Folders - type in "outbox" and look in C drive - then delete the outbox.idx, outbox.mbx and any outbox folder

Get them to retype their username and password in the account settings, also check SSL is not ticked

Remove the account and add it again if nothing else works.

"The host mail.bigpond.com could not be found, please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account mail.bigpond.com server mail.bigpond.com protocol pop3 port 110 secure (SSL) No Socket error 11001, Error number 0x800ccc0d"

Check that the server name is entered correctly in the properties. Go to Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Properties >>Servers, and make sure there are no spaces or commas either

Delete the account and click on Add >>Mail and run through the wizard

As a last resort, you could change the server addresses to instead of using mail.bigpond.com - this is not recommended though, as OA change the IP address sometimes. If you do it, warn the customer that it may stop working and they will then have to change back again to mail.bigpond.com

"The message could not be sent, an error has occurred. SMTP server authorization failed"

This error occurs when there is nothing entered in "name", "E-Mail address" & "Reply address" under the "General" tab If this doesn't work remove the account and add a new one

"An error has occurred"

Make sure the "send immediately" option is not ticked if they write their emails off-line. If it is ticked the message will go to the drafts folder and they will get this error

Do they have an account set up to use a LAN? Or an account they don't use?

Outlook Express disconnecting

In Tools >>Options >>DialUp there is an option called 'Hang up when finished sending, receiving or downloading' - check whether or not that has been ticked.

If it is greyed out, you will need to go to Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Properties (of mail.bigpond.com) >>Connection >>Connect using my phone line and select TBPH (3rd party dialler will have been selected instead). Then go back to Tools >>Options >>Dial Up and untick the hangup option. Also make sure "do not dial a connection" is ticked. If the customer still wants the option to use a 3rd party dialler, you can now go back to properties and tick that again.

Connection box keeps on appearing even though already connected

When they are connected via IE and then go to Outlook Express and it keeps bringing up the connection box...

In Tools >>Options >>DialUp there is an option called 'Do not dial a connection' - check whether or not that has been ticked. Also make sure that "Check for new messages every 'x' minutes" is not ticked, under Tools >>Options >>General.

If "Do not dial a connection" is greyed out, you will need to go to Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Properties (of mail.bigpond.com) >>Connection >>Connect using my phone line and select TBPH (3rd party dialler will have been selected instead). Then go back to Tools >>Options >>Dial Up and untick the 'Do not dial a connection' option. Also make sure 'Hang up when finished sending, receiving or downloading' is not ticked. If the customer still wants the option to use a 3rd party dialler, you can now go back to properties and tick that again.

Info Pane

There may be an extra section at the bottom of the Outlook Express window that is trying to connect to a web site. This is the info pane, and can be turned off by going to View and unticking Info Pane.

Send and receive flashes quickly then does nothing

There may be no mail on the server to receive - telnet in and check.
Go into Tools >> Accounts >> Mail >> Properties>> General.
Down the bottom there is a checkbox "Include this account when doing a full send and receive" - make sure it's ticked.
(In WIn98 the box says "Check for new messages in subscribed folders")

"Internet Explorer cannot open the site http://www.bigpond.com/elinks/h/olooke/"

Put a tick in "When starting go directly to my inbox folder" in Tools >>Options >>General. This bypasses the startup screen OE was looking for at that URL.

When you open OE there is a small picture at the bottom that has information about OE and Telstra. If they go online and then open OE it will load and most times be kept in cache.

FYI * Another option would be to edit either the install.ins file prior to installation, or ins.ins file after installation. The \ie4\win95\en\packages\install.ins file has the following line: Infopane=http://www.bigpond.com/elinks/h/olooke/

Problems with attachments in Outlook Express

Lower the port speed

"There is already a dial up connection established, disconnect and dial again"

Check Tools >>Options >>Dial up and Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Properties >>Connection for the connectoid to be dialled - there may be one choice only of an old connectoid. Need to remove the account by going to Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Remove, restart computer and run through wizard when OE is opened.

"Your SMTP server has not responded in 60 secs. Would you like to wait. The host mail.bigpond.com could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account mail.bigpond.com, server mail.bigpond.com, protocol SMTP, PORT 25 SSL, No Socket error 11001, Error number 0x800ccc0d"

"Your SMTP server has not responded in 60 secs. Would you like to wait.....protocol POP3, Port 110..."

With this sort of error check the TCP/IP settings, disable WINS and DNS if neccessary, so that Windows will rebuild the driver information database.

It can also happen when they are using a 56k modem, the modem may need a string, to slow it down/stabilise it.

Or check the FIFO buffers, drop the send buffer down a bit. Or just turn it off altogether. It's in the connectoid >>Properties >>Configure >>Connection >>Ports.

Often Reinstalling TCP/IP is the fix - you don't have to untick comms and run inetwiz in this case - just remove then add TCP/IP in Network.

Don't forget to ask them first if they have the Windows CD - or check that the cab files are already on the computer

Modem connects but cannot ping, cannot check mail, cannot get web sites

If you connect through Outlook Express it is possible that it will corrupt the connection. It may dial automatically and try to check the mail before the DUN gets a chance to finish connecting. The solution is to connect using IE or DUN.

"Cannot find host."

Check the DNS settings are correct in DUN.

In Network try to rebuild the driver information database by disabling WINS. Also check to see that DNS is disabled.

Can change the mail server for pop3 and smtp to mail.onaustralia.com.au

Blank in the IE4 >>View >>Internet options >>Programs >>Mail field...

Tools >>Options >>General and choose "Make Outlook Express my default email program"

Unable to view messages at all, not even header

Go to View >>Current view and tick "All messages" (The other option is Unread messages)

Keep getting another account automatically created

They set up a dummy rule with inbox assistant prior to adding an account, then closed inbox assistant and set up the account. Every time they opened OE from then on, they would get a second account automatically created. Even though they delete the second account it keeps happening...

Delete the rules.

"One or more messages cannot be delivered. Check hard disk space."

Generally a corrupt mail message on the server... Telnet in and delete it. May be an NT Failed mail.

Connection settings

They can use either:

"Connect using my phone line "

The best option if people want to write mail off-line and then press Send and Receive to connect and send it. The only potential problem is if they have multiple DUN connectoids. If they establish a connection with one connectoid and have specified a different connectoid in their mail settings, Outlook Express will ask if they wish to hang up and dial <connectoid name> or try to locate the server on the current connection. Make sure they have the same TBPH connection chosen in Mail as the one they dial up with through IE.

"Connect using Internet Explorer's or a 3rd Party dialer"

If they choose this option and press Send and Receive while off line, IE will open first. This is the best option for people who always access their mail through Internet Explorer.

SSL NoSock error 0d0d0b0d00 ... Can receive but not send mail

Tools >>Accounts >>Mail - Remove the existing account and add a new one using Add >>Mail and following the wizard.

Distributed Password Authentication error

Usually means the user has Secure Password Authentication enabled in their settings. Get them to turn it off. It is not a corrupted password, so don't reset the user's password with this error until you have checked this setting.

"Error sending email"

Had been working OK...

See if there is a digital signature, and if so delete it.. Perhaps it is corrupt or expired.

"This message could not be saved"

If a user tries to save their mail before sending they may get this error. It is because there is nothing in the Tools >>Accounts >>Mail >>Properties >>General fields, or the email address is missing or incorrect. If it seems to be all filled in, get them to retype these fields.

"Error 501 - invalid argument"

This error may occur when attempting to send an e-mail. Try checking their network settings for the computer name itself, under the Identification Tab. They may have an invalid character (such as a full stop) as the first letter of the computer name. Get them to retype the computer name. For more information, refer to: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q176/8/69.asp (article number Q176869).

Check they are sending to a valid email address. Try to rebuild the driver information database (Control panel >>Network >>TCP/IP >>Properties and click OK twice)

"Illegal domain when sending a message"

Could be an incorrect address in the email - check there are no spaces in the domain name

The cause of this error seems to be something in our mail server that doesn't allow a number as the first character of a domain name eg username@2bigpond.com We are contacting Server Ops to see if this can be updated, because those domains are allowed in the DNS. In the meantime, we have come up with a temporary fix, which is to put in the From address as username@mail.2bigpond.com (or whatever domain) - hopefully the same will apply for other ISP's.

Installing OE in Win 98

It's on the Windows 98 CDROM and can be loaded and unloaded from Control Panel >>Add/Remove Programs >>Windows Setup >>Outlook Express.

Spell checker in OE

They have to have the dictionary installed via a word processor such as MS Office, Word, WordPerfect, etc.


It may happen that the server header information and its equivalent stored in the cache of your newsreader become out of sync.The steps below will synchronise all information.

Resetting message header information in Outlook Express:

Select newsgroup with right mouse button
Select Properties
Select 'Local Files' tab
Click on the Reset button
Click Yes to confirm the action
Click OK

"This selected message is no longer on the server"

They need to delete all files in News. Go to File >>Clean Up Files >>Delete. They should then reconnect and download the News headers again from the particular Newsgroup.