DWDM Devices
DWDM Devices

Timbaigl Optics has identified and patented a range of novel devices and manufacturing techniques suited to DWDM applications.


  The Internet can be viewed as a strongly layered structure, with consumers exchanging data with colleagues, customers and suppliers through layers of Internet service providers (ISP's), network providers, network suppliers through to component manufacturers. It is the bricks-and-mortar component manufacturing layer that Timbaigl Optics is targeting.

Growth in demand for and supply of bandwidth availability per customer continues to grow rapidly. To date, the growth in bandwidth availability has been primarily accommodated through the use of faster transmission rates along each fibre channel, with an attendant cut in cost/bit. In traffic intensive areas of the infrastructure, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) provides the extremely high information flow densities required. DWDM achieves up to 300 times the bandwidth per fibre by carrying multiple signals simultaneously on different wavelengths or 'colours' of infra red light. This technology is expected to migrate towards the Metro and customer access domain in the medium term.

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