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GameLabAU producer of high quality software is proud to present jCipherPAD. A tiny text ciphering java application, for all platforms, including mac, pc, linux/unix.

GameLabAU present BananaRepublic, currently available for battlefield2 and soon to be available for games such as ut2007 and quake wars:enemy territory.

Also from gamelab, look for J2ME Java games for mobile phone such as the #1 game, CarGame, and also UFOracing, not to mention the spectacular FragOff!

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Also Available from GameLabAU:
CarGame CarGame for J2ME mobile phones

CarGame is a top-down car racing game, it's fun, fast and is easy to control.

CarGame has spectacular 3D rendered graphics, you'll be amazed; and with 20 different levels, it's always entertaining!

Show off your phone with a game that will blow you and your friends away! Download it now, CarGame is at home on your phone!

UFOraceing UFOraceing for J2ME mobile phones

Ever wondered why aliens are always flying UFOs? Because they are so much fun, and incredibly easy to fly, you can do it with one finger or thumb.

Be the proud owner of your very own indestructible UFO, compete in fast passed, action packed, smash and crash races.

Pickup presents along the way to give your an extra boost, and bask in the stunning surrounds of 20 3D rendered tracks.

UFO racing truly represents a quantum leap in eye-candy, game-play and pure entertainment.

UFO racing features 3 levels of difficulty, up to 8 opponents, vibration feedback, sound, frame rates up to and exceeding 30fps, and robust quality.

FragOFF for J2ME mobile phones

FragOff is a classic top-down death match game, the objective is to frag your opponents more than they frag you. The first player to the Frag Limit wins.

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