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languageLever F.A.Q.

You can contact languageLever for any question that are not covered in the FAQ and for bug reports via our email address at:

Question: I have completed the PayPal transaction for languageLever, but when I press the Upgrade Button, I get the message, Validation Failed.
Check the date, time and time zone are correct for you computer, and try again.
Question: When I buy/upgrade the current version of languageLever, what am I entitled to?
Answer: When you buy/upgrade languageLever you are entitled to a single user licence for all sub-version until the next major release. For example, if you purchase version 1.0, you are entitled to upgrade to version 1.9+. Users will need to purchase a new licence when 2.0 is released. Note: Users who purchase version 0.8+ are entitled to upgrade to 1.9+.
Question: What information dose LanguageLever contain?
Answer: LanguageLever is a comprehensive language reference, including:
  • Dictionary - word definitions
  • Thesaurus - words of similar meaning
  • Spell check - an advanced spelling checker
  • Acronyms - words formed from the initial letters of several words
  • Synonyms - two words that can be interchanged in a context
  • Antonyms - words of opposite meaning of another word
  • Hypernyms - words that are more generic than a given word
  • Hyponyms - words that are more specific than a given word
  • Meronyms - words that name a part of a larger whole
  • Troponyms - words that denote a manner of doing something
  • Abbreviations - a shortened form of a word or phrase
  • Smilies - definitions of smilies. eg. ;-) = wink
  • Question: I have upgraded to languageLever, can I still send the languageLever.jar to my friends?
    Answer: Yes, you can still freely distribute the languageLever.jar file, as long as you don't modify or profit from it, as per the user licence. The software will revert back to the standard "languageLever Demo" on any computer where the software has not been upgraded.
    Question: Can I pay for languageLever on a different computer to the one I want to use languageLever on?
    Answer: No, you must upgrade languageLever using the same computer and user.
    Question: Can I pay for languageLever and upgrade the software at a different time?
    Answer: No, users must validate and complete the upgrade transaction simultaneously.
    Question: I upgraded to languageLever, but when I log in as a different user, the software only loads in the Demo mode. Is this correct?
    Answer: Yes,languageLever is a single-user licence.
    Question: Can I upgrade languageLever under multiple users on a single computer?
    Answer: No, this issue will be resolved in a future revision.

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