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Tony Lee's Professional Tennis School

Ace Tennis

Tony Lee and staff have run a successful Ace Tennis program in Primary Schools throughout the Western Suburbs. Schools where we have taught the program include Mortlake, Strathfield North, Concord West, Russell Lea, Abbotsford, Homebush West and a long term year 2 program at Strathfield South. Cost is $2.00 (including GST) per student per lesson. The whole class participates. Net systems are erected in the playgrounds or court. All racquets and balls are supplied.

Act tennis girlWhat is Ace Tennis?

Ace Tennis has been developed by Tennis Australia in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission.

  • Ace Tennis is not just a modified game, but also a fun-orientated skill acquisition program.
  • The Ace Tennis skill acquisition program develops physical skills, such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, movement and spatial awareness through tennis related activities.
  • Ace Tennis - the game provides an opportunity for children to further develop their skills by playing the game of tennis.
  • Ace Tennis is flexible!
  • Ace Tennis court dimensions, equipment and rules can be altered depending on the age, size and skill level of the children.
  • Ace Tennis is suitable for children 5 - 12 years.


  • Ace tennis CertificateEquipment
    • 1 strung racquet (58.4cm (23") or smaller) or plastic racquet per child.
    • 2 tennis balls or low compression tennis balls per playing court.
    • 1 tennis net per playing court (Ace Tennis net or similar obstacle may be used if tennis net is not available).
    • The height of the net can be lowered depending on the age, size and skill level of the children.

  • Ace Tennis benefits:
    • Children play sport to have fun, make friends, feel good and to learn new skills.
    • Ensure your Ace Tennis competition or challenge meets the following checklist.
    • It's fun It involves maximum participation using a round robin or compass draw format.
    • It emphasises participating rather than winning.
    • It further develops skills.
    • It emphasises the team work rather than individual skills
For more information visit Tennis NSW Ace Tennis

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