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How to Hit a Backhand Ground Stroke in Tennis

Backhand ActionThe backhand ground stroke is an essential aspect of tennis, as both a defensive and offensive shot. Follow these steps for a right-handed player. Reverse the alignment if you're a left-handed player.

  1. Move from the ready position, pulling the racket back with the proper grip.
  2. Use the Continental grip for a topspin or the Eastern grip for a slice, drop shot or lob.
  3. Keep your right hand loose on the grip.
  4. Tuck the racket toward the inside of the body, with both arms held close to the body.
  5. Cross over with your right foot.
  6. Dip the right shoulder to the front.
  7. Release the racket head to take the shot, with a sense of throwing the shot from your right shoulder.
  8. Finish the two-handed shot up and over the right shoulder.
  9. Make a one-handed shot by extending your playing arm straight out.
  10. Extend the opposite arm backward as a counterbalance.
  • Take small steps to position yourself after getting to the ball.
  • Try to avoid muscling the shot. Tightening your forearm can cause pain in the wrist and elbow. Let the racket head do the work for you.

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